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New HF 14x40 first impressions

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  • New HF 14x40 first impressions

    I got my new HF 14x40 lathe set up and running and it seems to be more than I expected for the cheap price I paid for it. Accuracy is good and every thing is smooth and solid with no apparent slop, I had a machinist friend come over and check it out and he said he was honestly surprised because it was not at all what he would have thought it to be. It appears to be quite well built and except for a few things like the cheesy looking soft Aluminum pointers for the dials it not as cheap looking as I thought it would be. There were a few QC issues that I would warn other perspective buyers about such as cuttings from the machine work that were left in the gear boxes that should be cleaned out before use. I was warned by someone else that they do not do a very good job of clean up before filling them with oil so I drained the factory oil and flushed the gear boxes and sure enough a lot of junk came out of them. All in all for less than $2800 for a new 2000 lb 14x40 lathe plus a few accessories, work light, coolant system, etc it has turned out to be a very good deal. While it certainly is not even in the same class as the old American iron it is solid and ready to work for about the same price as a well worn used American machine, time will tell just how long it will stay solid but for now I quite happy with it and do not regret the purchase at all.

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    Good to hear. I always bum out a bit when I hear one that one the members took the plunge and ended up disappointed at the start.

    Let us know how you progress.

    Oh, what will your first turning project be?

    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.