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Harbour Freight Blade Welder?

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  • Harbour Freight Blade Welder?

    Are those bandsaw blade welders from Harbour Freight any Good?. Anyone buy one and use it?? thanx Mike

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    Got one at the shop, not bad for the money. If pushed it will weld 5/8" blade stock


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      I got one and it will weld blades alright if the phase of the moon is right and you grit your teeth just right before you push the button. It is really a piece of junk compared to a Golb (sp?). If you buy one, email me and I will send you some tips for making it work. Gary P. Hansen
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        My friend and I bought one, it works well for us. We both have 4" X 6" china-made bandsaws, using 1/2" blades. I have used it about a dozen times, it works with bimetal blades even though the literature that comes with it says "carbon steel only".

        My only other experience with blade welders is with a abused, extremely used and decrepit industrial welder intended for MUCH larger blades than my 1/2" ones. Set to its lowest limits, it was hard to use and did not do as good a job as the HF welder did. Not a good comparison.



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          I got one, It works great. If you dont aneal a weld properly its gonna break. Aneal it properly and it wont break. This is talking about bi-metal blades. Thats all I use even though HF said it wont work.


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            a little finicky to use, but worth it

            For ~$100, it was worth it. I got some Starrett blade stock for it, and that worked pretty well (although I haven't tried bimetal).

            Definitely anneal until you get the faintest hint of red.

            My first weld before grinding (maybe a little off! it was an old blade, anyway ;-) ):