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WAy protectors - where to attach?

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  • WAy protectors - where to attach?

    Where do people typically attach the front way protector on a Bridgy type mill? I am torn between drilling and tapping 2 or 3 holes in the front of the saddle and attaching it there or attaching with the existing screws (maybe longer screws but same holes) which attach the way wiper to the saddle.

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    I don't have one so I can't give any personal experience, but of the two options you suggest, why not try the existing screws first? If it works okay, you're done. There will be plenty of opportunity to go to Plan B and think about drilling/tapping if the existing screw solution turns out to have problems.
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      Mine is attached with 4 flat recessed allen bolts through a bar. It is attached just below the zirks. Mike


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        Where are your zerks? My machine has one-shot so I don't know where the zerks would be...

        Good idea, it just seems like mounting to the saddle would be the thing to do, but....

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          Ken, You should have lube lines going to the front of the saddle. The fittings screw into the front of the saddle at the same location as do zerks. Mike


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            Just curious - why do you need front way protectors? I have never seen them used, or needed, but would think they get in the way?

            Rear way protectors are good, the home-made type, a simple sheet of 2mm synthetic rubber attached to the top of knee ways on the column and to the back surface of the saddle. I used flat steel and made it fit (clamp) to the top of the knee ways, no holes needed, and used flat steel and tapped holes to attach to rear of saddle.
            This allows you to sweep swarf off the back of table. Rubber overhangs Y axis ways by about 50mm each side.

            It occurs to me, you are not talking about those weird concertina things?


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              Yes, sheet rubber on the back. I had two predrilled holes in my vertical box way (Sharp HMV with box way not Bpt with D/T way)and three predrilled holes on the back of teh saddle so that was easy.
              On the front, yes it's one of those concertina jobs. I used 2 longer 10-32 screws and attached to the way wiper and at the front I drilled and tapped 2 10-32 holes in the mounting block where teh Y axis handle is. Looks pretty good.