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refining cerrometal?

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  • refining cerrometal?

    I have about 5 pounds of what appears to be the medium-temp cerrometal. I think it is the 150 or so deg stuff, or the next one up, but I have not measured the melting temp exactly. Works in boiling water anyway.

    I have some uses right away for it. The catch is that there is crud in it, like extraneous chips etc, maybe some dusty dross-like stuff.

    Is there any trick to filtering this stuff out? I was basically going to try putting it through a screen, hoping between the crud maybe floating up, and the screen, it would mostly come out.

    But, the stuff has pretty good surface tension, and it does not really like to go through a screen that is of a size to actually work.

    Any other ideas? Better techniques?


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    I use beeswax to flux linotype and then skim the dross with a Lyman lead spoon. I do not know if this will work. does sell this stuff (it is bismuth with lead and tin in it - not cheap) you could ask them. Hope that helps.