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    Do the Israeli's use a Hamas to preload their bearings ?


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      No, but they do use them to lubricate tank treads.


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        Originally posted by tony ennis
        Probably should be noted that the Hamas terrorist group is making rockets (in their metal shops...)
        tiffie...this IS shop related can come help me clean cornflakes out of my keyboard
        This is a "coffee time"
        I'm actually glad ringer asked. I find the whole middle eastern mess very perplexing and like to read about it or watch documentries about it.
        I still can't understand how they can kill their own people so easily.
        The whole bloody works of them do it over there....blow up 50 or 100 of their own in "hopes" of getting one or two of whoever they are mad at at the time.
        The thing that gets many of them move over here and to the US...they live amongst "infedels" every day...and it's ok.
        But send them back home...Oh My...nope they can't do it then...
        They just gotta keep flicking the mean dogs ear til he gets mad and bites them.
        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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          Machiavelli is more of a law of human nature than anything else
          Machiavelli was a man, an author, who analyzed and described how leaders got and held power. while his work was brilliant and considered one of the all time great writings, its a disservice to call an 'end justifies the means' situation Machiavellian as he didn't advocate the ruthless behaviour, but merely the analysis and observation described it.

          In the middle east, the poster that said they've been fighting for 2000 years is correct. If we want peace and prosperity in our part of the world, the best thing we can do is get the heck out and stop picking (and nurturing) a dog in that fight. I believe they will be fighting there for eternity, so why allow our society to be dragged down with it? imo the continued support for Israel is probably the reasons why a billion Muslims hate us and that just won't have a happy ending - being "Machiavellian" in the common use the expression would be just get the heck out and stop supporting any of them...being that the end we want is stopping our young men dieing, stopping the economic folly from the military action and to stop the western world from being the lightening rod to the Muslims.

          Add to that that all of those groups are sooo racists in that inclusion is based on religion or race, that all of them deserve condemnation not support. Just buy the bloody oil and leave them all to sort their own mess out.

          anyway, more importantly this thread doesn't belong and probably should be deleted. this is a machining forum and no good comes from these politically charged topics (i probably shouldn't have bothered writing anything but couldn't help myself )