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Mackeral Slurp screws us again

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  • Mackeral Slurp screws us again

    Microsoft just announched it expects software slaes of their OS to triple to nearly 100 Billion next quarter as they END ALL SUPPORT FOR WIN95/98 IN A FEW WEEKS.

    Well bend me over the picnic table and give me a kiss, Billy!

    Linux is still free...

    Also check this out...

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    I feels yer pain,I just today bought a new digital camera(Ibew,yer pics are on the way,maybe)still trying to set up the software for it,you would think these things would be made easy-but nooooooo...some little pencil necked wienny had to make it difficult as to show off the size of his uh er brain no I not bitter either,I just want to find him,wrap my fingers around his neck,and squeeze the s--- out of his head like a pimple!No I'm not the least bit mad though
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      sorta like the old dodge slant six'....If it works well, discontinue and crush anything left over. My buddy had a gig doing just that just north of Red Deer Alta. a while back. All the old Mopar stuff got run through a metal "shredder". Broke the guys heart 'cause he's a mopar nut, I think he's still in therapy. Anyway, sorta leaves a guy out to dry if he doesn't want to "upgrade" his os. My problem is that my computer was designed around win98, runs just fine but the new games just barely chug along with my os so I don't even try them anymore .If I upgrade my pc it doesn't have the ram to support win xp or 2000 without slowing the damn thing down to a snails pace. What's Linux???? os alternative to windows?? Man, I'd sure hate to not have to give Billy Gates any more of my hard earned cash!!


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        Welcome to engineered obsolescence an all-American business strategy exceeded only by venal politics and marketing of the Flag for wealth re-distribution.

        The life of a computer generation is about 2 years. After that embellishments and options start getting scarce. You guys knew all about it before you ever pecked a keyboard so don't snivel when your pecker gets pinched in the wheels of progress.

        So quit whining and do the manly thing: surrender and obediently buy a new computer.

        My computer is 1999 technology Win 98 SE and some the the AOL stuff doesn't work well on it. The radio thingy locks it up. Who knows what will happen when AOL 9.0 comes out.

        Home technology is a bitch.


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          I sell these things. I am now considering shortening my warranties to only one year because if I give a two year warranty how in hell am I going to fix it if it breaks at 1.99 years? The parts will not be available. I recently read an article by a researcher from IBM who should know what is up. He didn't go into proprietary specifics but said that he saw no serious impediments to the continued increase and change of computer technology for at least the next thirty years. According to Moore's Law that would mean that thirty years from now a desktop computer will be about 6,000,000 times more powerful than they are now.

          Does that mean if I hook one of those suckers up to my SB9 with servos it can turn a 9" x 1/2 by 20 thread in stainless steel in 2 microseconds?

          Of course by then I will be eighty four and will have to remember where I put my lathe.

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            BTW Thrud,

            Linux is in a bit of trouble.


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              I have two hard drives in both my computers.

              Some problems to be addressed with linux, running windows software. I have loaded Wine on one hard drive, but.. Not had the time to learn how to use it. If It had 100 percent compatability, Bill Gates could kiss where the sun don't shine.

              FOr people who just surf, check email, run office or internet applications linux is better than windows, For anyone wanting to use any type hardware, any type software, well linux will not do it all.

              Linux is more machine oriented, At the machine level that is not as easy to most people. The graphical interface used in the redhat version I settled on looks like windows, but to modify or load programs, you have a C programmer built in. More then just giving you the keys to the car, it is like getting the keys and a toolbox to make it do what you want. All the source code for all the applications is included. You can take a bit of this, a bit of that and make what you want.

              In other words, if You had the time, you can take the graphical drawing program, the printer program merge and have something to operate the bits in the port.

              I am keeping Linux on my machines. Sometimes when Windows can not hook up to my bank, or here, linux always does. Linux has less problems. If you need your computer to work near 100 percent of the time, you need linux.

              Ohh yeah, the windows palm pilot version on some of the robots at work, they crash continuosly. It just hangs up, a familar thing to me with windows. Turn power off, restart it might work. Normal affairs with windows.


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                Well its like I told my next door nieghbor,the way I see it windows is like a model T Ford,good for its time but out dated,the main difference I see is that while Henry Ford moved on to newer and better models,Bill Gates is just painting them a different color.
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  I have a "bleeding edge" computer running old software. I was going to put XP on it, but it bitched and complained about my SCSI card and the Plexstor SCSI CD rom on it (it goes like snot but windows still can't handle SCSI worth a ****) and I refuse to use my Plextor burner as a boot device just to saticfy winblows inability to deal with 21 century hardware.

                  SCO is now owned by Caldera and I think they are trying to be like MackeralSlurp and cash in on the next OS (linux). I don;t think they have a leg to stand on, as Torvalds did not use any of theri code but started from scratch. He may be in trouble for making it compatible with standard Unix. SCO is just grasping for life right now - no one is using it when they can buy disks for $30 that does more with no annual liscense fee. (waiting for SCO updates/bug fixes will make you old real fast)

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                    My newest machine is 2.4 gig intel, intel processor, intel board, on board vid, Sound blaster, networking card, Works great on linux.

                    Old machine is 1.6 gig, voodoo board, intel intel, sound blaster .

                    My cd burner is faultless on linux cdroast, the free software that came with redhat 9.0, ain't that cool? only software available on windows is roxio and it would hang up part time.


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                      The problem with open source code is that a bunch of people have lifted code from UNIX for SMP and included it in LINUX. They (SCO) may have a valid claim.
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                        In a similar vein, Raytheon is recalling all of the "Starship" aircraft it built to save on parts & liability. "Aviation Leak" has an article with explainations. Damit! It's one of the prettiest machines around, and a generation ahead of most of the aircraft one sees. I wonder if they will do likewise on missile defense & ordinance in wartime


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                          I had an evil thought........

                          What if our friend Bill Gates decided to withdraw ALL the licences for win98.....?

                          I mean announce that they are canceling/terminating all licenses for it as of a certain date.

                          If you read the agreement, I think they can do that for no constructive cause......they don't have to prove wrongdoing.

                          If he did, you would HAVE to upgrade, or else you would be either illegal, or out of business right away.

                          I think, unfortunately, that that is a credible business plan, even if it might appear to be blackmail.

                          If there was ever a company that might do that, Microsoft is the first one I would think of.


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                            That is exactly what is about to happen for all Win 95/98 software - it is about to have the rug pulled out from under it and absolutely no support will be givien either in the form of updates, or current updates or service packs that could be down loaded. So you better get them off their site before it is all gone.

                            All current upadates will be removed from their system shortly and will not be available after that.

                            You have been warned.


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                              Nope, what I suggested would mean you would LEGALLY BE FORCED TO STOP USING the OS.

                              They are just going to make it hard on you to use it.

                              BTW, a lot of those updates just mess things up anyhow. There was another thread here or elsewhere about that.

                              It don't matter, because the next software releases will not run on 98 anyway.

                              If they did, the drivers would not be available.

                              Been there twice already with older stuff.