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  • after hours in the shop

    Made this as a Christmas present for my dad. I bought a set of plans from Jerry Howell a while back but given time and material constraints, I modified them heavily. I kept most of the critical dimensions, but that is about it. Took about 75 hours to make, most of which was getting the scrap stock I had lying around into usable shape. All of the moving joints have ball bearings to keep friction to a minimum. It doesn't run on as quite as low a temp differential as I would like, but it is the first one I built.

    Sorry there are no construction pics, I got the camera for christmas - after I finished the engine, of course.

    Here's a hyperlink to a movie of it running. Its a large file, >30mb, so woe unto those with dialup

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    Nice job on the miser. I especially like the adjustable counterweights.


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      Is that a Sterling engine? What's the diameter on the flywheel?


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        Yes, its a stirling. the flywheel is 4.75 inches in diameter. It looked a little light to me, so while it was still on the rotab I drilled holes in the rim and pressed in those brass pins. whether or not it made a difference, who knows.

        I made a wooden base for it over the weekend with a couple of 4w nightlight bulbs in it as a heat source. Spoke with dad at lunch today, and he says its still running, so that's good.


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          Nice adaptation of the basic design!
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            Super cool! Great Job! I hope he appreciates it Fred


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              nice work!



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                Cool,excellent idea on the lightbulbs.
                I just need one more tool,just one!