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27" Enco (Sunex) Bench Grinder Stands

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  • 27" Enco (Sunex) Bench Grinder Stands


    Has anybody bought one of those 27" bench grinder stands from Enco or Grizzly? I used to have my bench grinder mounted to a bench; but, always vibrated everything off of it. So, for the last 3 months, or so, it has been sitting on the floor and I have been using the neighbor's bench grinder. So, I saw that these stands were one sale so I ordered one. Well, I just got mine and I didn't think about how low 27" really is. If I am not careful, the grinder now sits so low that I could grind the wrong tool.

    Does anybody have one? Did you raise it up any...and how? (Replacing the pipe, for example?)

    Are Chinese people really that small or do they sit on the floor to use a bench grinder?


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    I built a 2x2x1/8 steel angle frame the size of the footprint and added a 12ga steel plate shelf for storage and set the frame up on a set of locking wheel casters. It sets up a good 4-5 inches and is very portable, and, I got a new horizontal surface to pile junk up on.........
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      Ever buy a Chinese shirt?I have,2xl in China is Boy's size 10 here,they don't always have a good idea as to how much taller or wider we tend to be.

      Is that the stand with the cast top and bottom connected by a steel tube?

      If it is,chop the tube and weld in another section.Unless the tube is cast,then it's a braze job.
      I just need one more tool,just one!