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where to buy tooling?

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  • where to buy tooling?

    Hey, Searched around , saw a few sites but where do you guys but your expendables(end mills, hss blanks, drill bits,etc)??

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    For bulk orders I use ENCO, just stocked up on carbide for my lathe there.
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      Enco is good. Plus they give out free shipping willy nilly.

      They sell both imports (ENCO) symbol and name brands (as well as no-name USA stuff) and every machinist should have the catalog.

      It is reccomended to get good cutting tools. Not chinese. Putnam end mills are good, reasonably cheap, and while not always USA made they are non-communist if that is a trouble and are widely used. It is reccomended to use good HSS blanks, grinding wheels, ect as this really matters.


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        Most all of my acquisitions come from MSC or McMaster-Carr.

        MSC has a far greater selection of cutting tooling than McMaster-Carr.

        FWIW, Enco is owned, or is at least a subsidiary of MSC.
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          'Nuther vote for Enco. They have free shipping on orders over 25 bucks right now. I'll search for the thread and repost the code here.


          Other reputable sites are J&L, Travers, MSC (MSC owns Enco and J&L, now I think)


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            A smaller vendor with good prices that I also use, in addition to those above, is Victor Tools, I've been a customer since their old store in the late lamented SoHo machine tool district was walking distance from my old TriBeCa shop. (my first stationary tool purchase was a drill press I got home from SoHo on a handtruck) Their site is a little odd, but great for things like refilling drill indexes and other expendables.
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