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    A local news story:
    I was amazed to learn that only two people have gone to the bottom...
    Though there were more polications down there then that

    "The head of a Newfoundland company involved in subsea acoustics technology believes this province will play a very important role as the world's oceans take on an increasing importance for future life on the planet. Karl Kenny is President of Marport who is turning heads worldwide in developing innovative and advanced Software Defined Sonar technologies. He says many people don't recognize that the world's oceans are of vital importance to the survival of life on earth. Kenny pointed out that they cover over 70 per cent of our planet, but less than 5 per cent of this vast frontier has been explored. Kenny says we know more about outer space than the oceans. He says Marport is convinced that this planet's future lies below the surface of our seas and that is where Newfoundland and Labrador will play a crucial role. Kenny says Marport will continue to innovate and develop advanced software defined sonar technologies to help secure the supply of subsea resources such as protein, hydrocarbons, minerals and knowledge. He stated nearly 3-thousand people have reached the summit of Mount Everest; over 450 people have been in outer space; 12 American astronauts have walked on the surface of the moon, but only two people, Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, have been to the bottom of the ocean. And that happened almost 50 years ago."
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    So isn't Titanic on the bottom of an ocean ?

    All oceans meet land often on beaches so even at 2' I'm sure most people have been to the bottom of the ocean.

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      Geez...I thought for a minute that someone found hoffman...
      I have tools I don't even know I own...