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OT: I got laid off today

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  • OT: I got laid off today

    When you work for a web start-up, either you anticipate getting laid off everyday, or you're delusional.

    Today was my day, unfortunately.

    This will put a crimp (!) into my metal working adventures. Fortunately I have my files, scribe, dye, rules, square, and my hacksaw is on the way. Much has been done with these things. I can practice fundamentals I suppose.


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    Hope you find something else to keep you going, and yes where there is an interest you can practice on more basic stuff, I still have a pressure regulator I built with nothing more than a file/drill an old choke pull off diaphram and a shrader bike tube valve, It worked great and still does.


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      sorry tony, not a pleasant place to be. i hope your qualified for some U/C for a while anyway. good luck to ya !

      with self employment, being layed off is always more than just a state of being. . . . .

      im finding that even the people that DON:T intend to pay are not calling. . .
      times are tuff and im hear people say this is only the beginning.

      screw them !

      when the going gets tuff, the tuff have a beer


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        Tuff Times

        I been making a living myself for a while now. it aint pretty but so far still hangin in there. I still seem to get all te Lousy jobs it seems .I guess its because i just do them to learn how and i need the Dough Mike


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          My suggestion to you, do not delay in finding a federal government job. Getting the pension and security. My next step from flight instructing is to become a FAA safety inspector.


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            only so many lips can get milk out of a tit.I think the milk will dry up quickly with the lack of income from taxes from industry and income taxes.Things are going to get real ugly and soon.

            Government can print all the money it wants but it wount be worth anything.It is already happening.


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              We need to keep a close eye on Tony, he's the first one into the great abyss and we await his return ---
              all joking aside we all wish you the best, or perhaps it will even lead to better.


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                Programmers are disposable. This is not the first time I've been whacked. I always land on my feet. I can probably run the wife's quilting machine and make the mortgage. Not that I want to That's like... real work.

                My (ex!) boss and the big boss have feelers out for me, and I have a pal in a great spot in a different company. My boss was near tears when he did the deed. He felt worse about it than me I think.

                I anticipate contracting by the middle of next week. Oh how I will hate it. But it pays.


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                  What kind of programming have you done?


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                    Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, C, perl, Fortran, Cobol, Basic - most of the common languages over the years. And a few assembler languages too. Also Oracle and MySQL relational databases. I'm decent at web site coding though I am better at back end coding. I have domain knowledge of transaction processing, publishing, and simulation.

                    Sorry you asked?


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                      Sorry to hear. We arrived at work today to find out that three out of eight guys in our shop will be cut from 40 to 32 hrs a week. It's happening company-wide. Several other yards have started lay-offs. This is the worst peak season in intermodal I've seen in the 25 years I've been in it. Another contractor in the same yard I work in just wacked 14 guys.
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                      "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident."

                      "When fear rules, reason and logic are ruled out."


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                        Damn, I hate to hear that Tony but King Jerry is with Obama trying to get some jobs for Big Lou right now.

                        I, uhhh, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Jerry to bring something to Big Lou. On the other hand, he don't like manufacturing jobs but does like office and computer and internet stuff.

                        We may have a difficult 5 or 10 years ahead to keep the world from forclosing on the USA.
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                        It's only ink and paper


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                          Hi Tony, 20+ year code writer myself, got whacked in the third round at Vignette in Austin. Really sucked for me, not having a job for the first time since I was 13 was kinda strange. Actually took unemployment for a few months, THAT doesn't pay all that well, contrary to what you might have heard.

                          Best of luck to you.
                          James Kilroy


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                            Well my best friend from grade school is an IT specialist with the Federal Government. He works at the VA hospital doing security. He'll be making close to 80k a year shortly and has benefits up the ass. If you can think of a better option, do it.
                            If I wanted to move back to CT, he would get me a job there, I'd think I'd rather be living off the land and wearing deer skin than to move back to that socialist republic of high taxes.


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                              I feel for you Tony. It looks like you have the right set of skill sets and experience so I don't think you'll have too much trouble finding employment. I'm in a hi-tech company doing s/w development and I've seen programmers being decimated in wholesale for the past 8 years, but the past 12 months have been the worst because it's no longer a case of jobs going overseas but job that are simply disappearing.

                              Bill, I know what you mean about getting a job with the Federal government. Pension in the private sector is quickly becoming a foreign concept.