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    No, not a person who likes iron lathes.

    Think "Iron Chef" but with a pile of stock and a blueprint.

    Several machinists and their lathes. First one to complete the part to spec wins.

    Imagine the drama... "Gilligan you nincompoop you forgot the extra battery for my caliper!"

    Anyone know of such competitions?

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    Nope - but sounds like fun. Hand a person a drawing of say a boring head, a box of scrap, and cut them loose. First to turn a 1.000" bore to 0.75" in a 1.25" stellite rod with the tool they make wins Kind of like "Junkyard Wars" only with a nice finish.


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      That would be neat! I watched the skills USA guys doing that. I went through the skills USA chain for small engine mechanics, before I knew how cool machining was! (Actually I got suckered into the small engine one. I didn't take very many mechanics classes in HS because my favorite teacher left to go teach at a community college, but I was always asking to borrow small engine tools. Finally the guy said, "if i'm going to keep lending you these tools, I expect a favor in return!")

      Anyway, thats what they do. They get the machines, the print and the stock. They are being judged for efficiency, safety, and quality.


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        We could do it here. Someone post a drawing of a part on Friday that can be built in a day or weekend and everybody make one. Then post a picture of your completed part on Monday. Make it something useful for the shop or a fun toy. We could do it once a month or every week if enough people were interested.
        The live steam builders club that I used to belong to in CA did something like that but on a larger scale as it was a small 1.5" scale loco that almost all the club members built. It was fun to see everybody's loco and how they made their own modifications to the design. One guy even built a transmission for his.
        Obviously not everybody on the forum would participate but maybe enough people would to make it interesting.
        Mark Hockett


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          I'm not quite sure if this is the sort of thing you mean, hardly a televised event but the 'Skill Olympics' now known as World Skills has a number of manufacturing categories:-

          The manual fitting and turning categories now seem not to be covered, back when I was an apprentice in 1986, the heirarchy were looking for prospective competitors to go to Sydney in 1988. Entering meant losing a term so I didn't follow up the application.

          I agree it would be nice to see proper manufacturing rather than bodgit and scarper shenanigins however that prolly doesn't make for good TV figures.