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    I'm try to decide if I should go to the Cabin Fever Auction. I got great deals buying from table dealers last year. Do people seem to bid everything up very high or just some popular items? Is it worth going Fri if I'm already going to go on Sat?

    What have you gotten at the auction in the past?



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    Auction - Good and Bad

    I've been to the auction and it has good and bad points. Last year there were a steady rest and a follower rest I had been looking to find for my SB Heavy 10. The steady rest came up for action early in the day and I was successful in bidding on it. Price was not cheap but close to the maximum I was willing to pay.

    However, the follower rest didn't come up for bid till late in the evening. At this point there were trying to "move things out" and so instead of having individual items or small lots, they were lumping together 5, 6 or more lots and auctioning them off. The follower rest was put with about 20 other items that were of no use to me. The lot with the rest went for way more than I would have paid for the rest alone. I really didn't want to pay a lot of money for a bunch of stuff that I would have to try to get rid of and maybe not recover what I had spent. I did miss on the follower rest but did eventaully find a one, but not at Cabin Fever.


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      I've heard that there is a huge amount of stuff for the auction this year, so that experience may be repeated (lots lumped together). Just have to see....
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        The combining of lots is an annoyance at auctions like that, as the waiting for hours for a single item only to have it combined or go for some ridiculoulsy high number.

        It can pay sometimes to check with the successful bidder of the combined lot, as he may have bought it for something else and be willing to sell you your part to defray his costs.
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          On the combined lots, did you happen to ask the auctioneer to sell off something separate? Might have to give a shout out from the crowd, "Hey, sell that grey thing seperate" most auctioneers around these parts of PA I have found will do that if asked.

          Make sure you make it worth their while and don't try and get it for a buck or two, start it off at a reasonable price and go from there. Might be surprised.

          You can also approach the person who bought the lot and ask them if they'd want to sell something. I once bought a few boxes of mills and they came in wooden crates, after I bought them someone asked me if I wanted to sell the crates. I told them before I sold them they would need to help me carry them to my truck then I said make me an offer? I sold the crates for a tad less than what I paid for the cutters!
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            I have not been to Cabin Fever, but, it sounds like they need a new auctioneer.

            I have organised auctions and have seen them start to drag. The auctioneer stopped on three consecutive items and warned the crowd that he would not be waiting them anymore and if they wanted to bid to get their hand up. On the fourth item he got a starting bid, and quickly said "going once, going twice, GONE. I warned you guys that I was going to fiddle around any more. Next item". He hurried the next five or so items and then the auction went back to correct speed. It finished on time with no combining.

            I would be pretty annoyed if my good stuff was combined.

            I would check with the organiser whether they have addressed the problem.


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              At Cabin Fever "stuff" seem to change hands during the auction as a mixed bag of "treasures and yunk" with the unwanted extra being resold at the tables on Sat and Sun.

              I think that there could be large amount of "stuff" this year. Many of the "long time" people in the area are "down sizing" their "collections".
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                What time does the auction usually finish up? I can't make it up there before 3:00PM and am trying to decide if I should go up on Friday afternoon and spend the night or just day trip it on Saturday.


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                  I left about 7 on Friday the last couple of years, & the auction was still going strong then.



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                    Yes , in the past they started at Noon and went in to late evening.
                    I would say to ask to have items mover up, but from a practical point....some of that stuff will only be moved with other stuff.
                    Here in Wisconsin. I have seen auctions where the auctioneer when receiving no bid, combines it with the next item, and if that doesn't go it becomes a party of three etc.
                    That is how some great buys have been made.