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    I have agreed to help sell the equipment from a guy who is retiring from optical fabrication of very large optics up to 100 inch diameter. The equipment includes a polishing machine capable of doing 70" diameters and a cam generator capable of grinding aspheric surfaces up to 70" diameter. There is smaller equipment and various glass material and diamond wheels. I would like to hear from anyone who has an interest in this type of equipment or knows of anyone. This equipment has been sitting for a few years, it is custom made and the number of people with experience with and need for large optics fabrication is very limited. The family is very interested in liquidating the equipment as the owner is in poor health.

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    Do you have an inventory?
    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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      I have an inventory and a lot of pictures on a CD that I intend to send to those who are seriously interested. I have suggested putting the inventory on a web site so that no time would be wasted on those who are just curious. The other items are large pieces of BK-7 glass, large curved laps 4-5 ft. in diameter. Large tooling made of cast aluminum. Smaller generators (30" capacity). There is a water jet cutter that is just for straight cuts and circles with no numerical control. Pitch and polishing compound in big boxes, various cast iron optical tooling. There are some micrometers and dial indicators but none are new, probably all the stuff of that type will be sold as one lot.