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1/2 OT: Something different to argue about....

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  • 1/2 OT: Something different to argue about....

    Suggested topics:

    Does it work?

    Can it work?

    How does it work?

    Keep eye on ball.
    Hashim Khan

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    cant see because it wont open the site .
    so it don't work

    all the best.markj


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      Worked fine for me......I just tried the thread link, and it goes right there.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        Most likely works by separating some people from their money! Gary P. Hansen
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          The problem with simple ideas is that people pirate them so easily. Chas Goodyear's vulcanization process, which he patented, was pillaged extensively. Be that as it may, if this actually worked, someone would have it in production now.


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            I read about that guy in Popular Science magazine a few years back. If you can believe the article, Mr. Singh has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments behind him. The article is linked in the page above and quoted there.

            I'm not sure what to make of all that. I am not near enough of an IC engine expert to say either way. The claim in the article is that he does not have access, being in India and lacking the resources(money), to the equipment necessary to validate his claims.

            But I kind of want to believe him...


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              I can't see how putting few grooves in the combustion chamber is going to improve the efficient much.

              Frankly, I don't know any significant invention/development that came from someone's garage with little or no formal education in the past 50 years. All the low hanging fruits have been picked already.


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                In the early 90's I was building Jet Ski engines and there were a few cylinder head manufacturers selling heads with all kinds of different grooves cut in the combustion chambers, so this guys idea is nothing new. I don't think it made any difference in performance back then and I can't even find any made like that today. I'm sure if it worked they would still be selling them.
                Mark Hockett


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                  Most such inventors fail to provide the A vs. B test results that would catch the eye of a major manufacturer. The inventors tend to speak glowingly about how well their vehicle runs on the highway, but the information is not a scientific comparison done under controlled conditions. While Mr. Singh apparently did have some laboratory tests done, it's not apparent just how the tests were performed. I used to run the exhaust emissions test facility at a major petroleum products corporation, and we would often do free testing of such inventions as a public service. There's no conspiracy to squash such inventions, and if something worked, we were pleased to help the inventors get the recognition they deserved. The complete Federal Test Procedure for measuring exhaust emissions and fuel economy takes about 2 hours on a chassis dynamometer, and would normally cost about $2,000 each, in 1985 dollars, or about $4,000 each today. Sadly, we never tested an invention that actually worked, but we kept an open mind.
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                    A modern combustion engine is finely tuned to run with the minimum of unwanted pollution while still performing decently. If it were not for that, it would be fairly easy to build a hybrid that gets 80 or 90 MPG with decent power.

                    The Wankel engine, as an example, will generate gobs of power, but early models were VERY dirty when it came to NOX emissions. When they started to measure it the only solution was to de-tune the car so it would run cooler.

                    I read Mr Singh's story, and was flabbergasted that it made it to print. Inventors in India have all the same tools available as we do in the US or Europe. Even without a modern dynometer, one can do some simple tests. One can measure to speed under acceleration. One can measure acceleration when climbing a hill. One can measure the fuel consumption while doing those tests.

                    If the acceleration goes up 10% but fuel consumption goes up 11%, well then you lose.

                    If I can get may car smog tested for $40 here in California, then I suspect that someone, somewhere could check out his cylinder head. After all, pistons are shipped from India to the US all the time.

                    By my reckoning, the Pop Sci article was about a well meaning country bumpkin and a gullible journalist.

                    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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                      That squish and the grooves are on the new Rotax head. I just had to modify one for adding a turbo to a snowmobile. Peter
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                        Nothing new here, roughing up intakes to promote fuel atomization is as old as the hills, so are pre-combustion chambers. He fails to mention on the exhaust stroke his grooves tend to collect carbon and retard the flow of eahust gas.
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                          The no-lugging performance , if true, seems unexplainable......

                          and with certain types of combustion chamber, good mixing is exactly what you do NOT want at reduced throttle..... you only need combustible material near the spark, not out in the squish zone where it won't burn until later if at all.

                          I had understood the Wankel problem was that it was nearly ALL squish zone...... not just the Nox

                          The question is, IS THIS Singh thing BS?

                          If so, how?

                          If not, why?

                          Keep eye on ball.
                          Hashim Khan