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  • Oops

    I was pretty productive today, used a front bucket loader to lift my X3 onto it's base, cleaned it up, moved it into the workshop, and diagnosed what was wrong with my lathemaster bandsaw not being square.
    That DAMN bandsaw, first of all, HuFlungDung over torqued all the screws. Had to drill out two of them, and the main shaft that mounts the saw to the base is loose in the casting with no way to fix it other than with some surgery. Well now, to get to it, I had to take off the main drive wheel that was held on by a nut from hell. Long story short, I took out a cut off wheel and hacked the nut to death until it released it's grip.
    So for every ones information who owns one of these little bandsaws, that little nut is REVERSED threaded. Ooops. Anyhow, HuFlungDung needs to be fired from that chinese factory.

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    Awh come on Bill,go easy on poor old Ho,he was just cuttin rice last week,now he's a machinist
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I bet the only left hand nut HuFlungDung has ever heard of is Hillary Clinton....


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        Shes left handed? Crap, I need to change back to my right hand when signing my taxes.

        Seems that the last chinese import thing that I bought had all of the screws under torqued. It was nearly falling apart when I took it out of the box. Bill, you must have had my missing torque!

        Nothing worse than trying to fix something that you just cant get apart. Even when your using the correct tools.

        I had a Jet saw that I found in the scrap heap at work. I thought "It didnt look that bad, clean it up and it will be fine". Every cheap crapola screw and bolt needed changed on it. They were all soft and would round the head when I tried to remove them. Long story short, every one was replaced, new bushings, bearings and I added a grease-sert for the secondary guide wheel. Total rebuild. But it works great now.

        Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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          Rockrat--I believe the word you wanted there was grease zerc.

          zerk (plural zerks)

          A grease fitting, of a type originally developed by Austrian-born American inventor Oscar U. Zerk.
          Brian Rupnow


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            Yup, got in a hurry and fouled it up. Need another cup of coffee.

            Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.