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  • KX3 questions

    I am trying to do some planning on how to move and rig my KX3 that should be arriving in a couple of weeks. :-) I have moved other equipment before and have a healthy respect to anything more that a couple hundred pounds.

    I am going to try to locate in in my basement instead of my detached shop and then I will use it more in the evenings in the basement. When I re-did the stairs into the place I made the stairs nice and big so I don't expect I will have a problem getting it down stairs. A sheet of plywood and slide it down. The place I am going to locate it has a low ceiling. I think it 86"

    So I have a couple of issues as I see it and would appreciate comments and ideas.

    First thing that is unclear is that the shipping dimensions of 1100x1040x2000mm. Is that one box or two? If its one box I will have to break it down before it goes through any doors. Since its rainy season right now I want to think this out and have a plan in place to execute. If it were summer I would just wait and see what I get then plan.

    The shipping weight is 270 Kg and machine is 220kg. Does the 220 Kg include the stand. Whats the breakdown of stand and machine weights. If this was a manual mill without Ball screws I would break the machine down into several pieces. I am not aware that you can easily do this on the KX3.

    Given the ceiling height I think I will build a small A frame from 2x4 wood and use a pipe to hang either a small chain break (1 ton) or a small electric winch to lift the machine up then slide the stand under. I would use the largest pipe with the thickest wall I can get over the hoist hook. The span on pipe will be less than 5 foot.

    I think there is a lifting hook that comes with it so I figure I will just hook on and lift.

    I doubt a engine crane would fit or lift high enough in the small space.

    I look forward to feedback.
    And any other ideas.

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    Mini lathe dot com...

    EDIT! The total weight is 484 POUNDs. All the electronics is inside the base. The base is less thn half the weight.
    It can come off of the base.
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      I think the answers to your questions depend on the supplier. Is HF the source - or another?


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        Originally posted by Bruce Griffing
        I think the answers to your questions depend on the supplier. Is HF the source - or another?
        Aren't all the KX3's coming from Sieg?
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          KX3's come from Seig, but the HF version is different from the Smithy version. I don't know about any other versions.


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            Thanks for reply. According to my information which is based solely from the Seig datasheet is that the electronics in the current version is all in the top part. I have read the review which shows the electronics are mounted in the bottom half. That is one question I hope some with current knowledge can answer. I am sure John S might be the best to answer this but he is most likely sleeping now :-)

            T_ M
            I base this on the pictures from Seig that show and enclosure on the side of the column. I think things have changed since that review.

            BTW mine is being shipped direct from Seig.


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              A couple of thoughts. When I moved a shaper down my basement bulkhead stairs, I rented a heavy-duty refrigerator hand truck to move it around, which worked really well. I slid shaper+handtruck down the stairs on a sheet of plywood, which worked almost TOO well. My son commented that "a stout rope and a tree" would have been useful to keep things under control as it slid down.

              I've put a big eyebolt into a ceiling joist to hoist machinery pieces. Easier than building a separate frame. Just put the eyebolt well up on the side of the joist.
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                In the Smithy version, the electronics are not in the base. They are in their own cabinet.


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                  I take it you have or have seen the Smithy unit?
                  I am not sure if the Seig unit is the same or not.
                  Thanks for you interest.
                  Hopefully someone here will know.


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                    PM sent. with some details.

                    As far as I know the US and Canadian supplied machines will have the electronics on the side.

                    Initially they were shipped with them in the stand underneath but we insisted on a side mounting layout so they could be bought as bench mounting or stand mounting machines.
                    To that extent we designed the side case which has now been adapted but there are some of the original machines around. Most of these were the early demo machines and the rest were part of a large shipment that went to Russia.

                    Bad news is they won't strip easily as they were never designed to do that. They will strip but it's a matter of disconnecting from various places and DIN rails.

                    There is a M12 tapped hole at the top for a lifting eye but I don't think the eye is shipped with the machine.
                    Weight of the machine is 200kg, I have no idea of stand weight as we have only just had these come in last week and not unpacked yet but they are easily liftable by two people in the packing case off the container.

                    Sizes are 940mm high, 900mm deep and 850 wide but they need 1145mm to include travels.


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                      Thanks John,
                      I look forward to your response to my email.
                      We now know the stand is about 32" (810mm) high. 1750- 940.
                      And it would appear the Seig unit comes shipped not on stand.
                      And the weight of unit.
                      That's what I was looking for.
                      I like the Refrig Dolly to move the unit.
                      IMHO a single Eye Bolt into a single Joist is pushing things.
                      I will have to think about that. 2x8 Joist in middle of span. 50 Plus YO house.
                      Then again might work. The consequences of a mistake will be big trouble with SWMBO. :-) Then I would have to move it out to outbuilding. ;-)


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                        I talked to the Smithy folks about there machine. The differences I noted were these -
                        Smithy uses Geckos, HF uses Leadshine (Chinese clones?)
                        Smithy uses a detached e-'s cabinet, HF in base(?)
                        Smithy claims to use upgraded bearings (?)