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Screw Machine Length Drill Bits..???

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  • Screw Machine Length Drill Bits..???

    Ok, two part question: First why does it seem that screw machine length drill sets cost more than twice as much as standard (Jobber) length drill sets.

    Second: Who has a decent price on the Screw machine length drill sets?


    Mike Hunter

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    The screw machine bits are not big sellers, so they don't get made by the cheap makers.

    I bought a nice set from MSC of 1/16" to 1/2" bits for about $60, they were the cheapest set they had. They are made in China, but have proven to be a quality set. I use them in my #12 Van Norman a lot.



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      I have not noticed the price, however many screw length drills are cobalt, I use them for most of my small jobs, I also prefer them over the jobber length drills. I can't help you with the sets, as I purchase several of the size I need when I place an order, I also scrounge ebay for screw length drills, you can get good delas on screw length drills on ebay most of the time if you find a seller who has a lot of them, I do not even look at sellers who sell them like a ebay msc distributor.



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        I only buy stub drills unless the hole is too deep for them.The only make I purchase is Guhring.Buy packets of ten as required and in a few years you will never be stuck for a drill.They are not expensive when you consider how they outperform a lot of other makes on the market.


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          Guhring Drills.

          Mark, I downloaded the Guhring catalogue. What would they call "Stub Drills"? There are many different types of drills listed.




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            Mark, have you tried those new ones from WNT ? They are TiN coated 4 facet.
            I used to use Guhring but get three times the life out of these WNT ones.


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              Originally posted by miker
              Mark, I downloaded the Guhring catalogue. What would they call "Stub Drills"?
              They're called "screw machine" drills.

              I have a complete set of the MSC Made in USA screw machine drills (~$170 on sale), and they're the most used drills in my shop. They're so rigid that most of the time I don't bother spot drilling them, and they take up a whole lot less daylight under the quill than a jobber-length drill.

              I wish I could find a set of screw machine length Metric drills in the US, but they're apparently unobtanium here.
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                Miker,the style is 203 or 233 I would need to look them up.I order size and make and the supplier knows better than send anything else.

                WNT is not my favourite supplier.Although we used to get some good deals and there is now also free delivery on a Sat morning,overall they are extremely expensive.We get 50% of list on Guhring stubs from our general tooling supplier..That`s on one packet of ten drills.Could be 3mm could be 10mm.
                The current WNT rep went out on his ear and will never be back over our door.
                We bought a 45 deg facemill for a job and several boxes of tips.Went to buy more tips and he doubled the price.His boss said he was daft but could not over rule him.I said fine,you can come and take the cutter body away as I`m not paying for it.Before we gave him it back,decided to check with Ceratizit who own WNT and found without discount the tips were cheaper than WNT`s special discounted price.
                Spoke about this with an ex WNT rep who we are friendly with and he reckons WNT pay Ceratizit base plus 40% on all purchases.


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                  Here`s a link to the Guhring American site and catalogues.