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  • Herbert OV Milling Machine

    I have a Herbert OV vertical spindle machine in my garage but do not know the taper size in the Quill.

    The spindle has a tapered hole starting at a bore of 1.38" , tapering down to a bore of 0.814" (over a distance of 1.375") ie a taper of 0.206 "/". The bore then continues and some distance further on there is a location dowel, acting as a key, for the few herbert collets I have.

    Does anyone know what this taper is so that I can find another collet chuck set to fit?

    Thanks, Andy

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    This sounds like what I know as the old Herbert 1 3/8 taper, - it's like 30 international but bigger, (same angles tho') and rarer than rocking horse these days.

    I last made a batch of soft blanks for a guy 12 + years back.

    Thought- try looking for ''35 taper '' tooling,.. some Jap m/c's use it.
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      Thanks. I have checked 35 Taper and it is more shallow. I guess the only way may be to make a new spindle!


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        NMTB tapers

        Even though it is metric it is "hard-converted" from Inch>metric. So the NMTB taper has been adopted work-wide, including the ISO/DIN/Metric countries.

        To get the inch sizes for NMTB tapers etc. just divide the metric sizes by 25.4.

        The only difference between the USA standard and the metric is that equivalent draw-bars are used. ie use M12 or 1/2-UNC as required.

        This might help.


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          I have just bought one of these mills also. It has some tooling but until I pick it up I don't know exactly what I'll have.

          I've read your posts Tiffie and I'm still confused. Are there any non-herbert collets that can be used in a harbert spindle?

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