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  • mototed
    Welcome aboard,

    I hope your wife realizes that it’s an incurable disease. I work full time and travel, all I can think about is my lonely machines waiting for me to get home.
    Man, thats some cold weather you guys are getting this year.
    What do you guys grow up there anyway? Ahe.


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  • miker

    Andrew, if you know anything about "Bearing Preload" please keep it to yourself.

    Welcome. Great bunch of very knowledgeable and helpful people here.

    The "There is no such thing as a stupid question" prevails here and there are absolutely no giant egos to contend with.

    41 degrees C here in OZ last week.


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  • dockrat
    Welcome aboard!!! Lots to be learned here for us newbie machinists if you can sepatate the wheat from the chaff...but your a can do that

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  • speedy
    While the rest of the crew are still squabbling and or kissing and making up

    Welcome; come on in and enjoy.
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  • Andrew_D
    started a topic newbie from Canada

    newbie from Canada

    Hi all,

    After a few weeks of browsing (lurking) and absorbing info, it is time to join and introduce...

    I am from Manitoba, Canada - yeah that cold place up North - you know where the Celcius and Fahrenheit scales meet at -40؛. Anyway, when it's not too cold, I farm with my wife and parents and have two long haul trucks on the road. When it is cold (like today -38؛C w/ 25mph wind), I absorb info from the brilliant minds here...

    I also caught a bug. I think it is called the machining bug?? Bought a little 7x12 and mini-mill, thinking that would cure it, but it's getting worse. It may require a major pouring of $$$ to fix it!

    Anyway, the little machines have already come in handy around the farm and I'm hoping to find more reasons to justify the expense...I mean more tools to buy...I mean crap, forget it.