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Need help w/ Bridgeport disassembly

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  • Need help w/ Bridgeport disassembly

    I am attempting to remove my Bridgeport Series 1, Y axis feed nut. I have gained access to the nut and have totally removed the small lock screw. Turning the large face adjustment screw more than a few degrees in either direction meets with VERY significant resistance.

    How is this adjustment screw properly removed to allow the split nut to slide out of it's fixture?? Is my screw bound in some manner or am I using the wrong approach?? I assumed the screw is removed by unthreading in a counter-clockwise manner. Wrong??


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    Well, I answered my own question. The shaft of the adjustment screw was bent about 10 degrees w/ respect to the head of the screw.


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      Yes that happens often. Especially if the nut has not been split. People trying to tighten it and it has no place to go.
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        Yes, Lane, maximum torque was applied to that baby....

        The nut was found with a severe accumulation of hardened shavings, dirt and congealed lubricant in the split, preventing the nut from being easily compressed. Luckily the feed screw looked good. The nut has since been split, faced and reinstalled and everything is back together with an incredible improvement. I'll be doing the X axis soon also.

        Thanks for your previous posting on this issue. It drove me in the right direction for this repair.

        Now, maybe, I can replicate that nice tool holder you made!!!!!