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    Wow Nice

    Aluminumn? Wouldnt it be better out of steel ?? Resonance harmonics Humming noises affecting surface finish>? I must admit aluminumn would be nice i got a big chunk layin around. I just made a few neat gadgets for my bridgeport mill. I like aluminumn projects a lot always seem to be machining stainless crap. LOL Perhaps a aluminumn steady would be OK ?? Thanx Nice Job on it


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      aluminum steady

      The material being supported doesn't care what the steady is made of. Have used it many times since I made it and it works just as well as a cast iron one. A friend had the 1" plate and it works just like factory. Peter
      The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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        A question about the cats-head (big bearing) type...

        For rigidity and/or TIR... wouldn't you need a pair of preloaded bearings, like ground or shimmed angular thrust bearings back-to-back? I see pairs of 2MM212's and 14's on ebay all the time at decent prices. Overkill? I can see you get to adjust the part anywhere you like, but surely the adjusted part should rotate as accurately as the spindle end? Standard C3 fit radial bearings are quite sloppy in comparison to the spindle. So.. what am I missing?
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          Fixed Steady

          Hi pntrbl
          Here is what I made a while ago. It was made from 1" length of 6" steel pipe. It works well.


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            Pretty Cool

            Nice effort and great idea.