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  • Suggestion for new forum: Travel Plans

    I have had several members visit me here lately and am expecting a few more. It occurred to me that a new forum that has a singular and narrow focus might be useful for all. It would be just for posting travel plans with the secondary intent of meeting up with other members of the forum while on the way. This could enable exchanges of ideas face to face as well as the exchange of interesting material/junk/tools and even machines at times and a chance to see somebodies shop. It could also provide friendly contacts in other towns and cities and possibly a place to stay at times.

    There are similar forums for other organizations such as the International Police Association my cousin belongs to. They are world wide and members are aways ready to welcome another member if they are in town or help out if need be. For instance, I have virtually unlimited room for any size of travel rig to park with easy drive around no backup access and guest space for two or more. Being retired I am nearly always home and would welcome visits by anyone on the board.

    What do you think?
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    Great idea Evan. I may do a little traveling this year and, like you, I am mostly at home alone now. (except for hunting and fishing trips) I would welcome visitors.
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      Evan, i've done that numerous times on trips to Texas, Iowa, Calif, Tenn, and even here in NC. Always thoroughly enjoyed the meeting the people, touring the shop, seeing the projects. Never been disappointed, always felt welcome.

      It sure is nice to put a name/face/shop/project all together in a single package. It is also amazing how different (in some, not all) the board personality is from the "real" person.

      I have (in the past) just posted travel plans on the board and members have contacted me. Other times i have just contacted members, told them i would be in their area and asked if they would like to meet.

      I will be probably traveling to the Washington/Oregon area this summer and will try to make some contacts along the way on this trip, time permitting.

      By the way, anyone visiting the NC/SC area is welcome here too.



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        I have found that most people before travelling post on the forum[s] they are on to ask what's to see in the area and then others take if from there.

        The UK may be different with it being smaller. We still get a fair bit of overseas visitors but a lot of UK based guys call in to visit and pick things up.

        I'm pretty central and right on the main motorway so I do get a few pop in.

        Last week on Tuesday I had a guy from NZ called Tom Martin call in, he used to be very frequent on rec.crafts.metalworking but as I no longer visit that newsgroup I don't know whether he's still on there.
        This was Toms second visit, the first was about 3 years ago.
        Then on Wednesday I had a guy called Greg call in from OZ, he posts a lot on CNCZone and the Vectric forum as Greolt.
        He's been over for about 4 weeks and was doing the London model show and then going back.

        Got a French guy coming off one of the CNC forums this week but to get this many visits in a short time is exceptional.

        There are also a couple of UK guys who do a lot of travelling with their work. They also run our 'unofficial' delivery service, most of the UK guys know who I mean.

        All you have to do is contact these guys and arrange to get your bits delivered to a 'known face' close to you, they will collect and deliver to another 'known face' close to where you want it to got.
        may take a while to filter thru the system but for a mere pittance you can get some heavy gear moved.


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          When I travel around the country by Harley I use mail lists I run plus other internet news groups to arrange for connections with other riders along the route. It works out quite well, often resulting in hoisting a beer with folks I've only known on-line and sometimes for many years. Did the same when I went to Italy where I arranged to meet up with one of the team members of an open source antivirus product I use.

          Just got an email a yesterday for an invitation to a get together in Arizona. Their riding season it far longer than for Seattle. Like all year long . Might have to make that one. It would be nice to be warm again.


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            One of the coldest bike rides I ever had was riding through the desert in Arizona in Feburary from Tucson to Fort Huachuca after a day on the town. It was 20 degrees and me and buddy froze our butts off.
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              Isn't the networking forum for stuff like this?


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                Originally posted by Evan
                . Being retired I am nearly always home and would welcome visits by anyone on the board.

                What do you think?
                ANYONE, are You sure You don't want to re-think that? .



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                  Well Why Not?

                  If you have not Traded Barbs with Evan, you have not posted much

                  And it only gets worse the Farther North You Go...

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                  Would Take a While to get to Williams Lake on A Cat, but I have one that passed by already while working in 1942...

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