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    Hi, looking for names of suppliers of left hand threaded taps and dies, ANY and ALL names would be appreciated.

    These are in VERY short supply in Australia, suppose demand is very restrictive, need/would appreciate some suppliers names from the States, who happen to ship overseas.

    regards radish

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    McMaster-Carr has a nice selection. Very high quality taps, as I have used a couple of sets of them. They will have them in stock and ship promptly, but they will cost a bit more than most suppliers. Try this site, and type in "left hand taps" or "left hand dies":


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      Travers tools

      KBC tools

      please visit my webpage:


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        Victor Machinery Exchange has a pretty good selection too, prices aren't bad. I have quite a few of them, no problems so far, but none has been used more than 15-20 times.
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          I second Victor Machinery. They also have a huge selection of special thread taps in sizes and thread counts that you could hardly imagine a use for at reasonable prices.


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            If you are having trouble finding left handed machine screws, try finding left handed wood screws. I needed one once. Just one. Had to make it.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

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              A while ago I needed a 10 mm L H metric tap, which I got from the local Coventry Fasteners branch in Cairns. They did not have it in stock, but got it in within a couple of days. Cost was about 50% above an R H tap the same size, which I thought was reasonable. Might be worth giving your local branch a try.



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                Originally posted by Paul Alciatore
                If you are having trouble finding left handed machine screws, try finding left handed wood screws. I needed one once. Just one. Had to make it.
                Was it for a left hand board ?

                Some things just can't be ( left ) alone,right? .



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                  Thank you very much "gentleman", look like Victor is the winner, the only place to get all bits that I required, #3 - 48 Left and Right hand taps and dies.

                  Franco, tried the local yokel and had to pick meself up of the floor after the price was mentioned, the thieving sod wanted AU $ 80 bucks just for the L/H die.

                  Could not hang up the phone quick enough.

                  regards radish


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                    I think that others have mentioned here that McMaster Carr don't ship outside of the US, so they may be a problem.

                    Another source is Tracey Tools in the UK, everything available in L/H threads, but price is +200% of the R/H tools listed on the website:




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                      shameless plug for alfa

                      look at ALFA TOOLS web site. they have lh taps, i did not look long enuf for the dies. i buy a lot of their product including things that they don;t have in their catalog. prices are good, product seems to be good, check them out.

                      im a distributor but a very low markup one. . . super low overhead, so if you need ? ? ? just ask.


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                        My Shameless Plug For Victornet.. on Oddball Taps and Dies.

                        Small Outfit That Delivers...

                        No Affiliation, and in the middle of nowhere...