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changing machine gear oil

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  • changing machine gear oil

    I have had my new lathe and mill, both geared heads, for a while and decided to change out the oil in them this last weekend. The lathe oil was OK, a little dirty but not to bad but the mill, Oyvay!!!

    When looking at the oil level "bullseye" when I first set it up it looked a little dark but upon draining it and it hasn't been used very much yet, it looked like well used motor oil. I refilled the head and ran it for a few minutes, drained and refilled it again and ran it again. After the second time the drained oil looked clean so I put the good stuff in, Mobil DTE Heavy Medium, seems to run a little quieter now.

    Is this just a method of cutting cost or do the Chinese dispose of waste oil in this manner on a regular basis?

    Hard to believe that this was new oil.
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    You should see what they put in their tractors to ship to us. We suspect it's used oil for shipping only but they fail to tell anyone about it. They probably laugh their ass off at the bars at night for what they pull off on the world.
    It's only ink and paper