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  • looking for a fitting

    I am looking for a 1.5 inch drain fitting (no pressure) that is able to swivel in use. Something in either PVC, light brass/bronze or stainless (prefer bronze)

    Stupidly designed an arrangement that requires it, and haven't been able to find one on line. Intended to make the fitting, but figured that since I may not keep the boat I'd prefer it to be something that can be easily be replaced off the shelf. (to make it easier for the next owner)

    searches for swivel fittings etc just brings up fittings designed to be swiveled into position then tightened down, I need something that can be mounted and then swiveled around as needed

    Every application that comes close calls for a flexible hose, but I need it to be a rigid installation.

    Application is for a boat, I want a sink that can be rotated out for use, and tucked back under the cabinet when not needed.

    every search I've done regarding hideaway sinks, or "sink in a drawer" come up with the exact same sink, and swivel connectors always show chinese importers with minimum orders in the thousands!

    Prefer something that will cost very little, (under $10 best) and since it is way above the waterline (behind a seacock) I don't need a particularly robust unit.

    If anyone is familiar with the style fitting needed, or if you know of a manufacturer/supplier where one can be picked up I'd really appreciate hearing about it!

    Doesn't have to be anything super duty, it only has to handle atmospheric pressure, I just can't seem to find anything that will work. (my google skills are pretty sad!!!!)

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    looking for a fitting

    Hello try a AN fitting they make them to swivel after they are tight


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      Try this in google or yahoo: "ABS DWV Expansion Joint"

      They are commonly used in 3 or 4 inch size to isolate the stack coming out of the basement cement floor from the stack going up to the first floor. This way when the ground (and basement floor) moves due to frost, the stack doesn't buckle.

      They slide in and out by a couple of inches, and also can rotate 360؛. I've seen them in 1.5" to 4" sizes, I don't think you'll find smaller 1.25" which is common for under basins and sinks. They are designed to mount vertically, but could probably be used at an angle as well. I wouldn't use them horizontally though, as you may get leakage. The joint is really only designed to seal enough to move without air getting by. If you put them in backwards, they can leak. There is an arrow on it to show the flow direction. Put it in backwards and, well, you'll be in the poop!



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        A banjo bolt/fitting?


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          perhaps you may consider pvc, slip one pipe inside the other with a couple o ring grooves then it can pivot at the o ring conection. you will have to fit it some machining may be involved and support the pipes but it should work in that situatation.
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            Originally posted by Alguy
            perhaps you may consider pvc, slip one pipe inside the other with a couple o ring grooves then it can pivot at the o ring conection. you will have to fit it some machining may be involved and support the pipes but it should work in that situatation.
            This is basically the way that the expansion joints I mentioned above work. And he did say that he wanted an off-the-shelf type solution



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              PVC Repair fitting

              There is a PVC fitting that is made to telescope and rotate when repairing a straight buried line. It has a couple of internal O-rings, one male end and one female socket. I bought them in 1 1/4 and 1" size from a water well supply house.
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                Standard drain fitting from the UK

                Neary all the domestic drain fittings in the uK use push together pvc with o rings that lets them rotate in the fashion you describe )very cheap. In fact I've even got them in my shop as the coolant return. In fact very few people overhere use the plastic glue method anymore.

                just one example of one such fitting


                U.S. plumbing seems rather strange to us in the UK
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                  If it helps, they make sdr 21 which is a bell and spigot type of pvc. The bell has a rubber seal like derekm showed in his post and the pipe is then free to swivel and move back and forth somewhat in the bell. This type of pipe is rated for 200 psi and is used in irrigation and domestic water supplies. Another nice thing with this pipe is it can be glued. So for the OP's problem all that is needed is a short piece of this pipe with a bell and spigot. If the existing plumbing is of another type, glue type male and female adapters could be used to make the transition.


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                    All good info Guys!
                    Gave me a lot of options to look into, probably won't be able to get into the boat till this weekend it's pretty heavily snowed in!

                    Apologies for the brevity, but I'm beat and ready to hit the hay.

                    Spent most of the day pulling my truck out of the ditch (wasn't me driving!) SOL borrowed it and decided to see how good the front posi actually was, then to get out decided more power was better and got the ex stuck so well the bombi was trying to bury itself pulling it out.



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                      Lawn sprinkler systems suppliers sell a fitting very much as you describe. Rotates and expands lengthwise. It is used to patch 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe in sprinkler system feeds. Any major hardware chain should have them.