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Any Experience with the CDCO DROs

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  • Any Experience with the CDCO DROs

    Looking around at the DROs with glass scales, they have really come down in price. Noticed that CDCO has them now for sub $500. Has anyone here had any experience with them,

    Any feedback will be appreciated


    Mike Hunter

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    Just look in the achives for DRO or SINO. CDCO sells the SINO brand DRO. I bought one for my mill but have not installed it yet.

    There were at least 3 or 4 discussions about DRO's in the last week.



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      I posted some pics and observations with my lathe mounted Sino DRO from CDCO (I like mine) quite some time back. At least one of the other 6 times this has been asked about since then, I tried to find the thread by searching on DRO. Some discussion later, it was determined that the search engine will not work with less than 4-letter words or something of the sort.

      You can search on SINO and my display name (pcarpenter) using the advanced search feature and that should yield one or two of the previous discussions on the topic. I am not saying that you should look just for my postings, but rather that this search should get you to the topics from the past.

      Paul Carpenter
      Mapleton, IL


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        I've been running a CDCO DRO on my Bridgeport for over a year now and am still happy with it. I use it for hobby work only, no continuous day-in day-out abuse. The only rough thing is learning how to translate the engrish, but after the first time figuring out the bolt circle setup I've had no issues.

        I'm sufficiently satisfied that I'm considering one for my lathe.



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          Day In Dat Out Abuse?

          I was told the biggest abuse a DRO gets is turning it on and off? I have had mine (Im not kidding) on for about 15 years. Its a Mitutoya Mi9llunit nothing fancy. Still works great Mike


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            You can use google to search this or other sites, like so:



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              Originally posted by madman
              I was told the biggest abuse a DRO gets is turning it on and off?
              With regards to turning it off, I have found that the Newall that came on lathe can not be turned off (short of unplugging). There is a "power" button, but that just places it in standby. Movement of any scaled axis causes a display of "Displaced" on the head. Handy to keep people from screwing up your location I guess, but not much use to me.
              Master Floor Sweeper


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                I've got one on my lathe works great some really nice features it replaced an accurite that I couldn't afford to keep running and I will replace the accurite on my mill with a CDCO as soon as it finishes crapping out.


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                  I just picked up a Sino 3 axis unit from Shars. Model SDS6-3V. It looks really neat, has lots of features . As I move the sensors back and forth the displays change in a most gratifying manner.

                  I have figured out the mounting for the first scale, and will do the other two tomorrow. Yeah. Right.

                  At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.