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South Bend 7" Shaper Reassembly Question

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  • South Bend 7" Shaper Reassembly Question


    I'm trying to reassembly a shaper that was disassembled for moving.
    I can't get the worm gear / elevating screw assembly to seat properly,
    it gets hung up on the worm.

    There is a counterbore in the base casting and the screw is not reaching
    far enough up the column so I think the worm gear should go in farther,
    probably far enough that the side of the worm gear rests in the counterbore.

    Both the gear and the worm are clean but no amount of wiggle will get them
    to mesh and allow the worm gear to seat. The direction the worm gear has to go is
    perpendicular to the axis of the worm. It seems if I separate the worm gear I
    could come along the worm axis and then the gear and worm will mesh.

    The pin that holds the worm gear on the screw is shown as a taper pin in the
    parts list. Do I need to drive that out? I didn't have to drive it out to get this
    assembly out when taking the shaper apart.



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    If you didn't have to remove the gear to take the thing apart, I don't see why you would have to remove it for reassembly.

    I can't visualize just where that shaft goes, but when I took my SB shaper apart for moving, it all went back together with no problem. Perhaps I didn't disassemble quite as much as you did, though....

    Does the piece have to be at the top or bottom of its travel for assembly, perhaps?
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      If I get a chance to get into the Shop this afternoon, I'll take a look at mine and see if I can give you any help.


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        If you removed the taper pin, how would you ever get it back in to pin the gear to the shaft once you have worm and gear in position? ...or is there plenty of room for that?

        I agree w/SGW, if it came out with gear pinned to shaft, it ought to go back together that way.

        Have you repositioned that collar or bearing on the other end since taking it apart? Maybe you've lost some "wiggle room"?
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          Do not use the BFH .
          I do not own a SB7 but I do have the manual. Note that my copy has different part #'s
          I agree with SGW, If you removed it without difficulty then they should re mesh with some simultaneous rotation of both the elevating screw(#51) and the elevating crank shaft(#39).
          If you are still having difficulty then I would suggest removing the elevating crank shaft handle, collar and pin(#40, #41, #42) and slide it further into the base cavity. This should allow you to fit the elevating screw. Then reposition the elevating crank shaft by pulling-rotating it to engage the worm and worm gear. Refit the collar, pin and handle. NB give proper support to the shaft when driving the pin.
          Hopefully that is of some help or wait for advice from someone with that machine.
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            I took a look at my SB this afternoon and I could not see the parts to which you refer. On mine, the vertical elevating screw sets in a recess with the spacer collar bottomed out against the flat bottom of the recess. Just trying to visualize the location of the gears leads me to think that the horizonal screw is to the rear and below the gear on the vertical shaft and is accessible only from the bottom. I did not feel around inside the crankcase, so I may be wrong on that point. Good luck with your quest. BTW: Have you asked for advice on the Yahoo Shapers Group??


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              Thanks for taking a look. The worm gear is directly below that stop collar, in the base. You can't get to it unless the machine is on its side.

              The worm itself is mounted just behind where the gear goes and is on the height adjustment crank handle shaft.

              The stop collar and the table that the screw moves can be put aside and the screw/worm gear combo should fit and
              it doesn't. There isn't anything adjustable about those two pieces.

              I do think removing the worm, installing the worm gear and then putting the worm back would work but I can't
              figure out why I would have to do that when it just came apart without any effort.

              I'll try the shaper group if I don't run into anyone here who has encountered this.

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                The screw you are installing has to be spun into the table while it is meshing with the worm. That means you have to turn the elevator crank and manually turn the worm gear/shaft assembly in order to get it that last little distance.


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                  I think I was doing that, the worm gear/screw will rotate as the handle is turned, then it gets a bit harder to turn, then it binds completely and won't move at all.