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O.T. help with trade mark - ?

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  • O.T. help with trade mark - ?

    Im just trying to figure out what there doing to my flax seed -- it has this symbol on it and it states "micro-cleansing"
    Iv been everywhere on line and I really cant find info on just what that means - Its on the U.S. patent and TM site as a TM,,, 77307135
    All it does is tell you all about the "symbol" there trying to protect and nothing about the process, (there is nothing in the patent site) I did find one thing on line and it just says its a proprietary thingy of a certain company but really does not state exactly what their doing to the seeds.

    Im just trying to find out if its being nuked (irradiated) - or double "washed" or what...

    If you have some time and hunting skills I thank you...

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    It's probably just BS. I know a lot of companies trademark phrases that don't mean anything and slap it onto their products to make them seem healthier, more pure, more accurate, better built, or some other similar purpose. That's all a trademark is. A name, logo, phrase, etc that is protected by a company for the purpose of identifying their product or company.
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      I would suspect it's the ad writer's touch of embellishment.

      Kind of like "turbo", "Euro", or "billet". Just to name a few.

      I doubt like heck if it means anything. Just another line of BS to hoodwink the public into thinking they are buying something special.
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        Mirco cleansing of skin or metal or seeds is a process of removing the surface contamination @ a microbial level
        Don't know if this is the brand or not. CARRINGTON FARMS Flax. Seeds are purified by. Micro-Cleansing. ®. , a propri-. etary process that greatly reduces microbial activity,

        Easiest thing would be to email them and ask if they can explain with out violating their patent. More than not it will involve the use of some form of micro cleaning crystal in a tumbler or cyclone cleaner with the seeds. And then a separator to remove the seeds.

        Whether it is the micro cleaning crystals for skin or the micro blasting cleaning beads, or most anything its in the application and removal or pick up of the dross that the money is in.

        More than likely they just dump it in the cleaner and run it for a while then separate the chaff etc normally but they were the first to try it with the knowledge that they may waste the test amount of seed. If they couldn't separate it from the seeds and chaff when done.

        Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
        I am not a lawyer, and never played one on TV!
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          Thanks all, PT I did what you said, Yes that is the company and I think I was at that exact same page but didnt see the "customer support" e-mail link,

          We shall see what they say I guess, because I had to tell them why I was concerned I hope they just dont blow a bunch of smoke now