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Water jet Cutter?

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  • Water jet Cutter?

    Hey Guys how do i Make my own small one? thanx I really would like one for some Tile work i want to do, thanx Mike

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    First requirement, jet of water, 0.4mm diameter running at 33,000psi.
    You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.


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      Originally posted by Circlip
      First requirement, jet of water, 0.4mm diameter running at 33,000psi.
      The new ones are up to 80,000psi if I remember right.

      They do make a small waterjet kit that you retrofit to a mill, I've seen it in the trade mags and maybe on the PM site. I don't have any links for you though, maybe tiffipedia can scrounge some links up.


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        You could make your own small waterjet cutter.
        You could also make your own small space shuttle, or build a working V12 500hp aluminum block engine.

        But it aint cheap.

        There is a reason a new waterjet machine starts at around a hundred grand, for the smallest ones, and quickly heads up to about a quarter of a million.

        And it aint that the waterjet companies are making a machine for 30 grand and then making $220,000 profit.

        First, a pump- a pump that will do 80,000 psi is not available for free off your old dishwasher. A pump running at these pressures must be extremely precise, made of very high quality, expensive materials, good bearings, machining tolerances to 4 or 5 digits, and so on. Its not uncommon for pumps like these to cost $10,000 to $20,000 to rebuild, and need a rebuild every couple of years.
        Then, there is the head- they use industrial diamonds or rubies, mostly, for the nozzles, and every part of the system is subject to extreme wear- its not just water, they mix an abrasive in for most applications.

        Yes, the actual x-y table mechanism is similar to one for a cnc plasma- which means cheap kits cost about $5000 to $10,000, while industrial quality rigs, capable of throwing 1" plate on and bumping with forklifts, and running 24-7, are about $20,000 to $50,000 just for table and motion controls.

        I know a few guys who run commercial waterjet- and if that machine aint working all day, every day, they are losing money. Utilities, consumables, regular rebuilds- at $100 an hour, two shifts a day, they barely make a dime.

        If you have tons of free motors, computers, racks and pinons, motor controllers, and steel, you could probably fudge together the table part pretty cheaply- but even surplus, I cant see the waterjet pump and head costing less than ten or twenty grand, and thats for worn out, obsolete stuff.

        I knew a guy once who spent years trying to build his own laser- he never got one running.
        Some stuff just takes a lot more industrial infrastructure than I have in my shop.

        Knuth does sell the cheapest one I have ever seen- $70,000.
        I imagine its chinese, but you can go to their website and see it-
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