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rockford 36 inch planer

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  • rockford 36 inch planer

    We are attempting to put this machine in service to make/repair pressbrake dies. Anyone out there have one of these machines or know where I might get operating maintenance info. The machine seems to run good but I can't get it to feed in any direction.
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    Herm Williams

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    The feeed on these machines is via hydraulic pressure from the main pump. You have to check at several points.

    First, is the power traverse working? This is powered by an electric motor on top of the column. If all motions are free and in the right direction, move on to the hydraulics.

    Check the table lube oil level and add if necessary. Pre-oil the table ways. Start the machine and run the table at a short stroke. Ensure the table lubrication is working right. Vent the air from the table cylinder if the reversals aren't prompt and crisp acting.

    The are two hoses leading to the feed regulator. The feed regulator is located at the bottom of the feed shaft leading vertically down the outside of the column. It has a beefy hand wheel on it. There should be a lable plate on it showing the direction for increase and decrease. When the regulator is worling it gives the feed shaft a partial turn at the start of the cut stroke. You may be able to feel a pressure pulse in the hose at reversal. The pressure is supplied from the auxilliary pump inside the main pump. The are several ports on the bottom of the pump casting and the feed pulse and return serving the feed regulator are among these. Inside the feed regulator is a one way clutch, a rack and pinion actuated by the pressure piston, and an adjustable stop connected to the handwheel. Adjusting the handwheel limits the piston travel and consequently the rotation of the pinion connected to the feed shaft.

    The feed regulator handwheel is adjustable over several turns. If it has been adjusted down to zero stroke meaning the machine feeds will not move. There is also the one way clutch. Withe the machine table stopped and setting all the feed direction levers to neutral try to turn the feed shaft with a strap wrench. It should turn freely one way and not at all the other.

    If the clutch is working correctly the next step is to try to adjust the feed regulator. If that's no good and there is no rotation of the feed shaft, disconnect the hoses (pump off - prep to catch oil) test the hydraulic oil pressure in the hoses. It should cyle between zero and 100+ lb depending on table direction.

    If the oil pressure doesnt cycle with table reversal bthe problem is in the pump. That OilGear punp is one of the most sophisticated hyraulic pumps ever placed on the market. They are still use and OilGear is still in business. They have a nice website now.

    You sometimes see a Rockford manual in eBay. They may not be cheap so be sure the manual covers you machine model and year.
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      I appreciate the input. Using the data you provided I was able to bleed the hydraulice cylinder that runs the table and get it to feed (some what). I think after a good cleaning and lub it will be a runner. After I learn on this little one then I plan to go to the 144 inch one.
      Herm Williams


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        Precision takes time.


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          Can you post some pics of these machines?


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            Dave, Here's one very similar to mine:



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              Very nice. Thanks Forrest!