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  • Fine-feed question...

    Hey All,

    I'm having some issues with my Grizzly mill/drill fine down feed.

    It gets harder and harder to release it, and with CTS and oily hands, the amount of grip and tourque required to turn it is starting to bug me.

    It's smooth-ish plastic and I'd like to either modify it to have more "gripage", or replace it with a knurled metal one. I called Grizz to ask how straightforward it is (I'm cautious about upsetting anything return-spring related) and was told someone would get back to me probably Monday.

    I'm assuming that it's not something that I should intentionally oil to make it turn easier....correct?

    It's the G-1007 model if that matters......I'm hoping someone will say it's okay to put a couple of drops of oil on it to make it loosen easier, or that I just need to loosen it all the way and nothing tragic will happen....then I can modify or replace it.

    Sorry to ramble, thanks for any help!


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    You can oil the threaded stud and the pinion shaft. I wouldn't oil the clutch surface on the back of the handle unit. That presses against the worm gear when you engage the fine feed. On my Grizzly, the fine feed knob is just a plastic knob with a molded-in threaded stud (10x2mm). You could make another with any sort of knob you like. That knob is totally unrelated to the quill return spring. Just a light spring along the pinion shaft to keep the clutch apart when you loosen the knob. You can remove the knob and nothing will come flying across the room.


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      Bob, thanks a lot...after reading your reply I went down and took it apart with no fear I cleaned it up and it's a little better now but seeing how simply it came apart I definitely want to make something a little nicer.

      Thanks again,