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  • Hydronic Heating Update

    Wowsers 3 to 4 grand to finish my heating system? Yup thats what they told me . The ? commercial space heater is about 2500 dollars and then all the hookups and so on. I am so cold in my new shop. Spent about 5 hours doing plywood insulation vapour bartrier the other day my fingers and lips were actually Blue when i got back in the house. I needed to get the plywood wall up so the heat guys had a place to mount stuff. Anyhow a few tall boy cans of beer and some crown whiskey turned them blue lips back into regular pasty white colour. Thank goodness i got some Crown left which im sampliong now. I am surprised it cost so much OR im paying the guys mortgage and his kids dental bills LOL Mike

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    They always say anything but the most expensive way isn't to code and you believe them 'cause they know the code and you don't. Get a code book and next time you can blind them with their own code bulls***t. I use a domestic water heater and a circulating pump for underfloor heating, use glycol, it's an electric heater so no explosion danger. Peter
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