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    How do you add pictures together in PSP 8.0

    By adding I mean two pics side by side, both different but saved as one pic?


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Go to >File>New, and when the box pops up make it a size in pixels that is much bigger than your 2 or (more) pictures, and select the background colour as ‘transparent’ (this is not strictly necessary, but just makes trimming and moving things easier later on.)

    Leave this open, then open the window with your first picture in it, and go to >Edit>Copy.

    Then go back to the new (blank) image file you just made, and click >Edit>Paste>As New Selection and drop it where you want on the page.

    Then open the window with your second picture in it, and repeat the above process, pasting the second image side by side or over and under etc.

    You now have the images together. The next step is trimming the overall size to avoid a massive border around the pictures.

    Go to the ‘Crop’ tool, draw a box around the pictures with the tool, adjust the size, and then double click inside the box and this will crop it to the size you selected.

    Then just save it and you have the picture montage done.



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      John, Another way where you don't need to think about the size in pixels is to open the first, do an image/resize and double the x dimension. The image will be centered. Throw a box around it and drag it to one side. Open the 2nd image, do an edit copy, then edit/paste as new selection. Put it where you want it. Save under a different name if you need to preserve the originals. Den


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        If it was me I'd open a new landscape/horizontal A4 size blank image/file.

        The resolution of the blank image and the two pics needs to be the same.
        Make the two pics 6" X 4" or 7" X 5" each and then copy and past them side by side onto the blank image.

        Crop the finished pic and resize to suit.