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  • Rockerpost & 8x14 Lathe Help

    Is It Possibble To Mount A Rocker Tool Post To MY 8x14 Lathemaster, Thanks For You Time.

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    why would you want to ?????


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      It is possible, is there a reason why you would want that over the turret post that comes with the lathe or an AXA size quick change tool post?
      Mark Hockett


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        Come-in-handy stuff

        Yes it is possible.

        On some jobs - screw-cutting with hand-ground HSS tool-bits - I often prefer to use a tool-holder (straight, left or right - to suit) with about 15 deg back-rake. I usually use my QCTP but there have been occasions where I could have used the "lantern" type "rocking" tool-post. They can get you into (and out of?) some tight corners where a solid tool in a QCTP may either not "get in" or just be a hindrance.

        They might be old-fashioned - but they do work and have their place. Its one of those things that you have and put away - but the odd time they are needed you will be glad you have them.


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          I Like The Milling Attachment For One,sells In Brownells


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            I have wanted to do that too.

            Normally its not possible because the compound top is solid not with a TEE slot. If you have a qctp I.E A2Z then you probably cut down the boss.

            LittleMachineShop . com sells the compound top under replacement parts.

            Buy one, (not expensive). Then hacksaw off most of the boss.
            Next you will need to put it in the mill and cut a tee slot. (make or buy tee slot cutter) make sure there is plenty of meat left on top there is about 1/2 inch to work in.

            Then make a tee nut and other stuff.

            If you want to live dangerously use the normal one.