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OT Does leaving a flat tire under the wheel hurt it?

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  • OT Does leaving a flat tire under the wheel hurt it?

    One of my neighbors has a Yukon that's been sitting on a concrete driveway for about six months with a flat front tire. The tire is completely flat. The rim has been resting on the sidewall right where it joins the tread, so the sidewall is mashed down to the concrete. Will this permanently damage the tire?

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    I suspect the tight-radius bend at the bottom 'flat' bit will eventually crack the sidewall especially if it's outside and exposed to sunlight. UV degrades tyres anyway.
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      it will take a partial form ...and remain that way when pumped up.will ride rough for many months.


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        Originally posted by aboard_epsilon
        it will take a partial form ...and remain that way when pumped up.will ride rough for many months.
        When Michelin first made their radial tyres for trucks in the 1960's [ up until then they had been cross ply only ] they suffered from flatting while standing.

        That bad that a truck left loaded over night required about 20 to 25 miles to run it smooth again.

        Any new drivers starting would always ring in from Leicester services on the M1 saying there was something wrong with the truck, it was vibrating bad.
        We used to tell them to carry on and ring from the next services if it was still vibrating, never had another call.

        Took them about 4 or 5 years to sort the problem and many operators stayed on cross ply tyres.


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          If youre considering buying it, best go ahead and figure in a new tire--- its almost certainly bad, probably to the point that it may not even hold air, tho it might and allow it to be moved, but under no circumstances would I get on the road with it.
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            You had better go next door with a jack and turn the flat side up then hadn't you? Sorry couldn't resist
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Yup. But more important, WHY did it go flat?
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                It depends when the tire is put back into service, the cords are still good --- its actually better to wait till the summer months to run it out or pump it up when cold and just leave it for a long time -- its the rubber that wont spring back immediately and like SJ says it can actually set up some very bad vibrations --- if the sidewall is not weather checked then the tire is still good, the steel belts are in the outer carcass and are not deformed --- the sidewall cords are meant to flex at incredible degree's and dont store the memory, but the rubber will.

                The tire is good right now, but it can be ruined if pumped up and immediately driven in the cold.

                A warm day and a putts around the neighborhood at low speeds with the tire inflated to the minimum value is the ticket for it springing back into shape.


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                  Any deformations can permenantly damage a tire, including stretching them at high speeds..

                  I was in the 69 camaro one day and decided to see why my wide oval tires only left a narrow black mark.. I hooked the seat belt, leaned out the door and looked at the rear tire and punched it.. It was beautiful... the tire tread rounded out and the whole tire raised up about four inches higher off the ground, the moment a wisp of smoke came across the top, the whole tire dissapeared in a veil of smoke. At that time I was doing 60+ across a parking lot.. and had to sit up to not die.

                  I had in the car a set of 15" wide tires on the rear, a Junky powerglide with vega small diameter torque convertor, and a 3.08:1 gear in a 10 bolt.. All turned by a 65 model 327 with f-steel internals. I was speed shifting from LOW TO high and stuck that car into reverse at 70mph.. talk about eating a windshield.. I replaced the flywheel the next week with the center tore out. I loved that car, gave it to my baby brother, who promptly sold it for scrap. (A kid who had a half empty cup)

                  Hitting a pothole can distort the belts on a tire.. stretching while flat, also..
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