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  • CAD software?

    What are some affordable CAD packages suitable for what we do?

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    Check out Solid Edge 2D.... It's a free professional quality program from Siemens.


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      This comes up every 3 months and there is no answer as it depends on what you want to do , whether program A suits better than program B, learning curve, if you need 2D or 3D, whether you can get your head round working in 3D [ some can't] and the price of kippers.


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        I have but never used, Alibre so I cannot speak for it's ease of use, but it is suitable for 2D and 3D. Some outstanding models are shown on their site. The reason Alibre was not used is I opted for a CAD / CAM package, however it looks like they now have their own CAD/CAM package,

        You can see it here, and believe they still offer the free Alibre Express version, fully functional however limited.

        Alibre's 3D CAD/CAM software is a powerful parametric design toolset that has an efficient user interface. Learn more about our CAD/CAM software!


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          For general drawing it is hard to beat QCad


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            As they say it depends on what you want to do.
            Personally if you want to do it semi professioanlly then I would go for Autocad lite as that will do most of what you want and then if you want to go the whole hog get the 3d Autocad if you can afford it but for most things the lite version is addequate.

            I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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              Thought I would look at the Solid Edge 2D as its free but oh boy is their server slow slow slow 2hrs on braodband its as slow as dial up.
              Unless everyone is going to try it!

              I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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                It was I(eye), tite fisted oick that I am.

                Now it is like a dog chasing a car. What does it do with it when it is caught?

                Surprisingly, I couldn't get it loaded on my old 'puter' with Vista but the new one -on Vista, went in, in few minutes.



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                  I had no experience of CAD,either 2D or 3D and installed the SolidEdge 2D package.
                  For what I use it for it's ideal and fairly intuitive to use,it's also updated fairly often and the updates are also free.It also has a support newsgroup which is handy.

                  I quite like it anyway.



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                    SolidWorks, ask the kid next door where to find it.


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                      Youcan find these around?? LOL I think its one of the best availablenext to catia and also vericut to check tool 3d paths.


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                        Originally posted by madman
                        Youcan find these around?? LOL I think its one of the best availablenext to catia and also vericut to check tool 3d paths.
                        I have no freaking clue how to use that program


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                          I am at the same point as you. I am taking a course on Autocad at a local college. I have almost 30 hours on my own learning the program. I am getting there but it is HUGE! As for 3D that would be great but i am a long way before i get there.

                          Now what everyone is forgetting to tell you is some pricing. This is all in CND dollars and these prices are of last week.

                          ProgeCAD 500.00
                          Intellicad 1500.00
                          Autocad LT 1500.00
                          Autocad 3495.00 (US) + 500.00 a year maintenance (optional)
                          Solidworks 7000-8000 plus a 800.00 to 1000.00 liscencing fee. (to be honest i tuned out after i heard the program price)

                          All these suppliers offer maintenance packages.

                          These prices are not exact, but are in the ball park. I am going from memory here.

                          Hope that helps



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                            If you are taking a class, you can qualify for an academic discount. It is really large. For example, Solidworks is $139 for a 2 year license.


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                              Ever heard Of Crap-O-Cad Tony, extreeeeemly intuitive, 0.1 release uses single colour (color) but includes 3D capability, and release 0.1.0075 has 4colour (color) but costs 30pence (40c) more and there is a slight variation in reproductive qualities.

                              Regards Ian.
                              You might not like what I say,but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.