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OT: The fires are under (some) control

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  • OT: The fires are under (some) control

    We are standing at around 850 fires still burning but we have finally had a good rain for the first time in two months. They found the guy who started the fire near Kamloops, BC who is responsible for destroying about 100 homes, wiping out a town single handedly and destroying a major fully automated sawmill that employed 180 people directly and about 200 more as contractors, fallers, haulers etc.

    He threw a cigarette butt on the ground in his back yard. His house was one of the only ones not to burn. He is/was a volunteer fireman.
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    So that is where our fireman went?

    Actually it is such a adrenalin rush running into a burning building that people become so addicted to it that if no fires occur, they start them. Like a heroin addiction.

    Almost as addictive as riding a harley through Atlanta Ga. Brakes? I don't need no stinking brakes.

    I hope it was justI hope it was just carelessness in your cases. Coke bottles start fires, you remember the lil bitty bottles with the scallops on the sides, yep. perfect magnifying glasses, lay in some leaves or trash and as the sun passes over, whoosh. I guess littering really causes damage huh? Personally, I break my beer bottles on the signs as I pass them.


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      speaking of strange fires, I knew a guy who burnt down his shop, the fire inspector said that it started by the sun passing through get this, a glass candle holder on to paper wich then caught on fire. damn.... in the cards I guess.



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        Car fires.....bottle of water laying on the seat.....wonder how many there are each year now that bottled water is such a rage.....

        Seen at least one, wasn't my car, but the bottle was there. Years ago so it was glass.


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          If you want to make something burst into flames in a few seconds, get a fresnel lens. Way better then a magnifying glass.
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            For those of you that don't know,a Fresnel lens is a prism.They were used in light houses to make that oil lamp visible for miles.


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              Water bottles starting car fires?Thats just one more example of the dangers of DHMO
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                For more see:

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                  Yep, its a poison.

                  Kills hundreds of people a year, maybe thousands.