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    Any of you guys have a Nova lathe? I have seen one on the floor at Rutland in the past but they weren't cheap. I got an email from them where the 13x40 is basically half-price. Down from $6200 to 2995.

    Wondering if this is a better lathe than the $3000 based price models?

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    That is a great deal. I have seen those sell for more than $3K used.
    Mark Hockett


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      I tried to buy one this afternoon and they were back-ordered, go fiigure!


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        They found me one

        I think they have found me one. I'll believe it when it shows up!


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          Is it the same as this lathe here -->>

          If so, I have one of these, they are great machines for the weight/price, a step above the chinese lathes...
          Precision takes time.


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            I bought a 12x40 Nova lathe from MSC in 1994. I did a few things to it, like added a QCTP, and fixed the roll pin in the lead screw, but aside from that, it worked well.

            I chambered many barrels in that lathe and they were competitive. I sold it to a friend of mine two years ago, and he is chambering barrels with it still.

            I think I paid around $2200 back then.


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              I think it is the same one

              I believe they are the same basic thing. The Nova is Taiwanese in any event. I will have to get a QCTP and a VFD first thing.
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                Well Rutland screwed around and tried to add a bunch of freight to the price so I backed out and bought a 14x40 Nardini instead. I pick it up Wednesday.


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                  I don't think you will be sorry with the Nardini if its in good shape. That lathe from Rutland (which has outlandish prices except when they have a sale...and sometimes not even then) looks and specs a lot like my Kent 1340A that I bought a few years back for $3100 with freight from CA to IL. The only visible difference I can see is that they put all the start/stop controls between the headstock gear selectors and the feed/threading gear selectors instead of up top as on the Kent (Grizzly also sells the same lathe in different paint and at a higher price). I have been happy with mine, but the Nardini is in a different quality class and if its in good shape, you will be pleased. I have seen Nardini lathes, but not operated one, but a guy who lives nearby and contributes here from time to time has one (dsergison).

                  Paul Carpenter
                  Mapleton, IL


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                    I have been watching/hunting for a 13" or 14" gear-head, off and on for around 5 years now. I had a Jet back-gear 1236 for the last 10 years I liked it pretty well.

                    A local dealer had a used Nova 1440. It was $1500 and probably could have been purchased for $1100. I went to look and run it. At higher speeds, the change gearing was waaay too noisy for me. That was one of my biggest complaints about the Jet.

                    As I looked at other lathes I always checked how noisy the head and change gears are at the higher speeds.

                    Last fall, I picked up a GoodWay 1440 for $2000. Great lathe. Accurate, smooth and pretty quiet at even the top speeds. Came well tooled also.

                    Very satisified


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                      I picked it up today but didn't get it unloaded yet. I am going to get a fork lift tomorrow.



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                        Originally posted by Charlie W.
                        At higher speeds, the change gearing was waaay too noisy for me. That was one of my biggest complaints about the Jet.

                        That could simply have been from an improperly adjusted banjo...With my lathe which is identical to the Nova 1440(probably out of the same factory) if you adjust the banjo so there is zero backlash in the change gears they will be noisy as hell when you run the lathe....
                        Precision takes time.