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    I'm looking for a surplus supplier of stepper motors in the range of 150-200 oz-in. Bipolar motors in the 2 amp range. I've got a couple of books with some suppliers listed for new, but no surplus. I hopefully will be building a gantry style CNC router or a cnc wood lathe in one of my classes.

    Any suppliers of surplus you've had good luck with? Of course price is a major factor as I will be finiancing this project.


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    I have plenty of suppliers, is one of them.

    I got some synchronous motors that can be rewired into steppers. They have 250 oz power in thier current wiring config. Do you know how to retap them?

    I think I have about 20, but you are just needing 3?

    I tried ebaying them, could not sell a single one.

    If you want to try to retap them, I can send them for the postage, do you have a paypal account? That would take care of the motors on the cheap. Linear screws? or chain drive?

    if chain drive look at this I have some small gearboxes too, they are way too high of a ration, I think about 60/1 problems is that they have a480 motor with the input gear made onto the shaft. You have to cut the shaft and center drill in a lathe.

    What else do you need?
    For slide, I like to use square tubing cut uhmw out with a radial arm saw, put wedges in middle to tighten up tolerances, slot tubing for a mount to the outside. I have used unistrut also. harder to fit the slide thou. Have used a angle laying on the corner also, it self centers with load on it. I love UHMW.

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      ibewgypsie, I've done a considerable amount of reading about the subject in the last few years, but haven't done any metal cutting and fabrication.(I'm a novice when it comes to making these things from scratch) I recently purchased a book called CNC Robotics that is a pretty good reference, and has a pretty good description of a simple interface and motor controllers. Thought I would start with that as a basic plan. I have about 10ft of 2"x4" aluminum tubing I aquired at a salvage yard that I thought I would start a frame with. As far as rewiring the synchronous motors I would be willing to give it a shot. Do you have a schematic of the current wiring, and/or the way to retap them? I plan to use acme screws and a home-made linear bearing setup to make it move. I'd like to prove the design on the cheap, and then buy some good stuff like ball screws and high tech linear bearings to make it move later. The design will focus around being able to mill a 1/4 sheet of plywood if I do a cnc router, or turn about a 6" diameter x 42" long spindle if I do a wood lathe. Contact me via my e-mail account and we can arrange the paypal fee for the motors, assuming you think we can get them to work as bi polars. Thanks, Matt


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        I have a hand drawing. The poles are wound just like a stepper, they have 200 poles per rev. The taps are different thou, a little sandpaper to clean the armature wire and some soldering can make you some decent motors.

        I'll get a weight on them and email you.

        I have tried to figure out what to use these motors for, perfect rpm motors, I thought about a 6 foot tall clock. A planetary mobile, all the normal things. I got more projects then I can accomplish right now, so you are welcome to 3 of them. (or 4 is you want a dropsie)

        I bought a rutex servo drive, may not apply steppers again.


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          I have printed out this thread, your specs. I have about 8 old steppers hanging around my shop. They are from old Apple IIE Spectralight mills and lathes, and from an Emco Maier F1 Mill. I will check specs and send them to you, might be a week. If they are what you can use, you pay shipping, for they have been hanging around for quite a while in my way.

          Check my e-mail.

          Still looking for the NH address, been out of town this day, and last. got the e-mail.

          CCBW, MAH


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   has some every once in a while. Most of their stuff is new (stock buyouts) or take-outs and it's much less than retail.


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              Consider a servo motor and a Gecko or a Rutex step and direction servo drive. Tons of torque, ready motor availability off eBay, and high resolution.