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  • OT. PAL DVD Players

    I am looking for a inexpensive DVD player that will play PAL format DVD's here in the USA. My old Polaroid DHM-0100 plays some but not all. ( it is connected to our TV, which is fine so I don't need a seperate unit with its own screen)
    What do any of you guys have or reccomend.

    Thanks Graeme

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    well as many people in the UK have found out ...the cheaper the DVD player the better it is at handling different formats..
    currently the cheapest one seems to be from asda . at £14.99

    asda are your walmart...and the brandname is ...durabrand.

    all the best.markj


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      The problem isn't the PAL format, most players will handle that fine. The issue is the region code on the DVD. In order to restrict gray market reselling of DVD releases from one part of the world in another part the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) convinced the US Lawmakers to pass a law that requires control logic be built in to every DVD player sold in the US. That logic inspects the DVD for a region code and if it doesn't match the region code of the player it won't play the DVD. There have been and may still be some players that are sold gray market in the US that ignore the region code but since the passing of the DMCA all consumer rights to fair use of copyright material have been overriden by making it illegal to break any code, no matter how simple, if that code is intended to protect against any practice that would reduce the income of the MPAA and the RIAA.

      It's an example of political corruption at it's finest. I can easily buy a non-region code DVD here in Canada as the DMCA doesn't apply here. I don't know what may be available in the USA.
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        My HP laptop plays region 2(Britain) DVDs. Interrface with the plasma TV and my daughter can watch The Mighty Boosh. (Don't ask) Onething you can do if your computer will play different region DVDs is to burn a new DVD from the viseo and the region restrictions aren't included in the new DVD.


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          just use these search words in google

          "your model of dvd player " and the words "region-free"

          there is a work around for most players that simply involves tapping in a code .

          all the best.markj


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            There are quite a few of the cheap chinese no-name players that will do region free. They wont out of the box but there is usually a code you can enter that will unlock it or at least let you change it.

            Or you can rip the DVD on your PC and burn a new region free copy.