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    I am sure this is dumb, but
    on the digital readouts what is the
    ABS / INC scale?

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    The way it was explained to me is ABS is used for the home location and the incremental is used for various measurements on a layout. That way you can always go back to the spot you have declared as home to do operations on the work. Suppose you want to make a bolt pattern at a certain location. You start in ABS and go the the location and then do the bolt pattern and then punch ABS and go home to go to another spot to do something else.

    This is in relation to a mill of course. That's the way Newall described it to me.

    Personally I leave mine in ABS now and do everything from there.

    EDIT: re Marks post below, yes Mark explained it and Newall explained it and it finally sunk into my hard head. I do use the incremental but not very often because my Newall starts in ABS and I leave it there. With the older units you could select one or the other and it would stay there. Not so now.
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      It was discussed in detail on this post,
      Mark Hockett