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Grip-1236E model (needs repair)

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  • Grip-1236E model (needs repair)

    Just putting out a call for anyone who may have gears to fit a quickchange gear box for a Grip-123E model lathe. The shear pin didn't do it's job causing a mess to my gearbox. I am going to sizeup and determine the pitch of gears needed and hopefully no bend shafts. Just looking for some helpful hints on how to restore it as a project without costing too much. I know I should of had one with a slip clutch and not a shearpin anyway,too late for I told you so's.

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      where are you located? maybe someone is located near you that can help you out. i know nothing about a grip lathe but when i got my south bend it had gearbox problems and the replacement i got on e-bay in great condition was worse. so i ended up making or repairing 80% of the box. but it was very good experience. it took a long time though learning as i went. that was before i found this site and could get answers so easily.


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        Tucker I'm going to assume you are in the US, if so have a look at at the Grizzly G4003 12x36 it looks very much like the Grip 12x36, as a matter of fact I'm willing to bet they are one and the same.

        Grizzly 12x36

        Grip 12x36

        A very popular lathe for Grizzly, I'm sure they would be able to source your parts.
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          Looking at Willys pics it would seem that a Grip (hadnt heard of that one?) is also like/same as my Birmingham 12x36, from what I have been able to gather the Birmy is also a clone of the Grizz, and I have visited a Wholesale Tool showroom and a close inspection of their 12x36 indicates it is also a clone.

          So it would seem that you have several possible sources...

          How bout some pics of the lathe and the damage?
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            Thank you for the other sources of models,suddenly it doesn't seem so rare. My troubles are in the gear box starting with the gear conected to your feed lever which selects from A to E ,also E gear was taking out which is together with the D gear. then it took the transfer gear out which drives between the two gears that transfer power from gearhead to gearbox.hopefully this is where it stopped at,the gearhead seems to be running fine so far though. Any suggestions on repairs welcome, would I be able to check for runout on shafts with the dial indicator or what should I be looking for along with my needed much runout would be normal.Also incase you didn't notice the Tim Hortons cup I am Canadian. Though the Grizzly and the Brimmy's are sold here as well.