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Simple design for bench grinder wheel dresser

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  • Simple design for bench grinder wheel dresser

    I'm looking for a simple design for a bench grinder dresser. I've got several grinders, some have large custom tables, some have small tables, others usually have no table but one can easily be mounted. I have star wheel dressers for "opening" the wheel. I've got Norbide sticks for roughing and "touch ups". And I've got diamond nibs too. Problem is, when I want a perfectly smooth running wheel with a VERY square and "sharp" edge, I want to use a diamond nib and have a guide to locate it correctly as used.

    I've seen several examples, and one of my favorites belongs to a friend of mine who let me borrow it to true up some slightly out of round Nortons I got (yeah, Norton isn't what it used to be, but that's not the topic). It works VERY well though is a pain when going from large to small, and doesn't have enough range to handle my biggest tables.

    As shown in the pics below, the main body is cast iron with a guide notch milled so that it slides along the support table edge. The screw you see is actually the diamond nib. Again, it works well, but to change size (beyond flipping it over) you have to screw it all the way from one position/extension to the other. It also has limited range for side dressing wheels that are not quite normal to the axis.

    So my question is, what have you guys seen or made that works best? I've got an idea for a fairly simple version that supports a wider range, quick full range adjustment (while retaining fine screw feed), and also allows for truing up the sides. But before I make something and yet again see something I like better within a week, I figured I would ask and see what you guys like.

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    Simple design for bench grinder wheel dresser

    I have a regular straight diamond dresser and I just made a thick collar for it with a clamping screw. It's easy to adjust the collar so it slides along the edge of the table which keeps the point square to the wheel.

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      Hi Bad dog
      Here is one I made earlier for my bench grinder. A diamond dressing tool can be swung across the face of the wheel and the depth of cut can be set by a screw in the horizontal bar. In theory it can generate a flat surface if the diamond is set just the right amount below the wheel centre but that is heavy maths for me. It can also be used on the wheel sides and set at an angle. This device could be made more neatly and have an adjusting knob on the depth screw if required.
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