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    Does anyone sell carbide endmill sets? Is there a good explanation flute numbers and angles?

    I don't know if anyone remembers, but a few weeks ago I had a thread about me not having any luck machining some micarta... well, in the long run it turned out that HSS steel just wouldn't cut it cleanly no matter what I did, I'd get tear out, burn marks... but assorted carbide cutters worked fine (I've tried fly cutters and a shell mill).

    Anyway, this is for a work related project and I need to do some detailed machining on the inside of these items and I need an assortment of endmills for it. Since I need a few different sizes it would be easiest if I could just get a set of carbide endmills, but I've never seen them sold in sets like the HSS ones are, and otherwise, I could use some advice on flute counts/geometry if it's going to make any difference.

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    Go to, order, catalogs home, choose metalworking catalog, and go to page 308. It took me a few times, but eventually worked. Informative article on endmills.
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      Enco as well as other suppliers sell sets.
      It's only ink and paper


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        If they have them, I don't know where... I just flipped through the whole endmill section of the MSC metalworking catalog and I tried the enco online catalog, picked:
        and am only given the choice of HSS or cobalt


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          Explore this page,lots of info and they do offer sets through various dealers-

          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            My Ameritool (Americas Tool Crib Affiliate) generally only has sets of the lowest common denominator imports. For the premium stuff, they don't often offer sets, only individual tools.

            You could always buy the butter steel cutters for the box they're in, pitch the cutters, and repopulate the box with usable cutters


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              Check out for your best deals on carbide endmills, he doesn't sell sets but the quality is good and prices are good also.

              The 3 fluters work well on aluminum, 4 fluters for steel.

              Paul T.


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                I really like the coated 1/8 and 1/4 inch cutters I've got from Maritool. I was making .100 passes with the 1/4 inch on the Bridgeport without difficulty.



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                  Originally posted by PaulT
                  Check out for your best deals on carbide endmills, he doesn't sell sets but the quality is good and prices are good also.
                  Ditto on Maritool. I don't know where he's getting his tooling, but they're nicely made.

                  I've also gotten a bunch of Garr (USA) carbide from a guy who's always selling them on PM, and they're exceptional.
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                    Yea, I'm not really worried about the box, it's just when you get packaged stuff it usually runs quite a bit cheaper then buying singles.

                    I have a HSS set from enco but HSS just doesn't give me a clean cut in the micarta.


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                      I have gotten some very nice things from and . Latheinserts is the guy who goes by Exkenna on this site, and while his site is a little on the weak side, his service is very good. If you do not see what you need on the site, just give Curtis a call and he usually has it. I bought a handful of his hyperlite coated 3 flute endmills and I have run the crap out of them and they are still like new. They cost a little more than the Enco Atrax brand, but they are worth it.


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                        Maybe it's just me but I find it frustrating when companies can't get their acts together and put up a usable web site, or at least one that lists things accurately. I understood it 10-15years ago, but at this point unless you have some market segment by the nuts or you provide some service/price that no one else can match, it's pretty much economic suicide for even a small business.

                        That being said, Lakeshore made me happy, had everything clearly listed and I sent an order for them to my purchasing department this morning...

                        Thanks for the help guys...