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Ghetto Temporary Machinery Leveling Pads

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  • Ghetto Temporary Machinery Leveling Pads

    I recently downsized lathes and the new to me one does not have built in leveling pads like my old Colchester did. I thought I had a set that would work in my junk box, but they were only good to 500 pounds each (and getting ripe), so no go there. I thought about making some nice ones, but no lathe and I am evaporating down the coolant in the mill to change it, so it is down for a couple of days (unless a paying job comes in). I then remembered that I had some Meehanite barbell weights from back when I thought exercising was fun and decided to use them. I used carriage bolts because they were fully threaded and self centering in the holes and used contact cement to glue on some shredded tire 3/8th inch rubber matt (about $2 worth from Tractor Supply) on the bottom of the weights to provide a little bit of noise isolation (I could feel the motor generator running in the house) from the slab. The lathe uses 3 point mounting and leveling only took about 5 minutes, and I will check it again in a couple of days. I will eventually replace these with some real ones when the stars align correctly (when Enco or MSC has them on sale with free shipping), but until then these should work.

    I traced and then cut out the circular pieces with heavy shop scissors.

    I glued the pads to the weights with 3M spray trim glue that was left over from another project.

    They don't look too bad under the lathe and they do raise it a little (it needed it) and help with sound.

    Total cost of these was about $5 between the bolts and the rubber material. Not bad in today's economy.

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    Dang Mike, you have Meehanite leveling feet!

    Did you get the exciter all straightened out?
    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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      I ended up not having to flash the exciter (sounds a little kinky when you think about the phrase). One of the guys on the PM Monarch forum said to run it for a couple of minutes and there might be enough residual magnetism to get the generator going and after a couple of minutes it kicked on. I think I am going to hit you up for a couple of bearings tomorrow, two still do not feel good.


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        Send me the numbers before you come by, so I can hunt for them. Also, Malcolm is sending an electrician out first thing in the morning to wire-up the Harig for me, so he said not to get there before 10:00 or so...
        "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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          One of them looks like a New "gibberish" 8504. Ring any bells?


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            Neat feet.

            Hows about New Departure 8504?

            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              I have to say I ain't so crazy-nuts about that 'ghetto" thing you got going on there........

              But the feet themselves look OK.

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                FWIW, a 10EE really does not need to be leveled.


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                  The reason that I leveled it was to start checking to see if the rest of the machine was square and so far it looks good. With the carriage covering so much of the bed, it is hard to see what is going on under it.


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                    BTY Macona, I really liked your servo retrofit series. That was a big part of what got me interested in them.