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Why no "for sale" forum?

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  • Why no "for sale" forum?

    I enjoy this forum, but have often wondered why there's no "for sale" forum on the site like PM. I search Ebay and craigslist, but where do you guys sell your stuff?

    Also, does anyone know an auction listing site? I used to see all the local auctions in the paper, but it seems the ads are much fewer, when there should be more.
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    Are you kidding me. We never sell anything!!! We just pile it up to pi$$ off the SWMBO. Now sometimes we give things away, but SELL....never.



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      our benefactor here sells classifieds in their magazines.
      in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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        This has been discussed before, but bears repeating. My impression is that it mostly boils down to the fact that "free" advertising here competes directly with the sale of magazine ad space, classified as well as commercial, that is part of the revenue stream for our host's publications.

        Full disclosure: I write a regular column for Digital Machinist, so I have somewhat of a financial intrest in the continuing success of Village Press, the host of this BBS.
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          In addition, to what Wes said add in the fact that you would need a full time person to sort out the mess for sale section can bring. Think porno and spammers. As the sister site of their live steam magazine has experienced the last couple of days. Had some kind of porno bot posting vid's every couple minutes along with a host of other creeps and curd. one was posting in different languages, each new post!
          George can speak for himself and the magazine, but they have a number of sites for their magazines, and they have more than just home machining magazines and live steam.
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            In fact, it doesn't compete. Most of the nickle and dime stuff that would be sold would never justify a classified ad. People can and will list on Craigslist for free. Or, on Practical Machinist for free. Given the publishing lead time, any classified item would long since be sold (or lost somewhere in the monumental pile of crud in the garage) before the issue came out. They just don't feel like monitoring that forum to keep out dealers and scams. It would be as big a service to the amateur community as the other forums. Maybe more.


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              No for-sale forum because the divorce rate would soar.

              "what? Another grinder? How many do you have now?"
              "This one doesn't count because it's Harbor Freight."
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                If revenue stream is the issue, I'm sure there's some clever programmer out there that could set it up so you throw them a buck via PayPal for placing an ad. I'd certainly pay it if I was selling anything worth shipping, and it would keep out the riff-raff.
                Location: Jersey City NJ USA


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                  I frequent a guitar forum. It's not a free site but the payment terms are quite liberal - if you participate you're requested to donate $30 a year. It's a deal - that place has a wealth of information.

                  I'd do the same here - to post in the classifieds you have to be a 'contributing member.'


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                    For Sale

                    Man i got ta pile of dtuff id love to sell but its only indicators and mmeasuring tool stuff.


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                      Spelling LOL

                      I just reread my post . Im a awful speller . LOL I do have a bunch of measuring stuff i probably will never ever use. All aerospace calibrated and in great shape. Perhaps the for sale thing may have some merit. I would rather it go to people who like machining than to who knows?? Plus i dont like to answer the door bell at home trying to sell stuff. Today i was at Sowa tool met a nice older guy there and we had a chat. He was a home shop machinist and builds miniature motors. I tried to help him out gave him a business card and told him he could come over anytime to my shop and have some free materials. He doesnt need much for the little engines he builds and i have toins of stuff aying around. Anyhow i also mentioned to him getting broken chevy 350 camshafts and turning them down to make cylinders for his motors. I also mentuioned they (the cams) are free from the scrap yard usually. later Mike


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                        I'd cheerfully put up a classified ads web site on one of my servers but I doubt people would use it much. Not enough to pay for my time, anyway. For what ever reason they don't do well. The FS forum at PM is a hodgepodge of aged, unorganized stuff for sale. It's like selling junk out of the back of your pickup truck.

                        But if 10 people were to convince me to try it, I would, as it's not that hard to set up.


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                          I'm not only okay we don't have a for sale section but I'm also glad we don't have a :

                          Left hand threading section

                          Left hand threading section

                          Sand paper section

                          new projects secton

                          old projects section

                          un completed projects section

                          projects completed by SWMBO

                          Motorcycle machinist section

                          Car mechanic machinist section

                          Truck mechanic machinist section light

                          Truck mechanic machinist section heavy

                          Some forums are so damned encumbard with sections that you can find anything or miss good post because you never thought to look in the candy cane forum
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                            Originally posted by HSS
                            Are you kidding me. We never sell anything!!! We just pile it up to pi$$ off the SWMBO. Now sometimes we give things away, but SELL....never.

                            what the hell does SWMBO mean ? i know, wife but the initials ? ? ? ? ?


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