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LMS Dial Indicator/Magnetic Base Close Out

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  • LMS Dial Indicator/Magnetic Base Close Out

    The Little Machine Shop is having a close out on a dial indicator with magnetic base in a plastic case, their part # 3385, for $15, original pricing was about $90. Its a 2 1/4" dial, 1.3" travel, 0.001 graduations, with a very small switchable magnetic base. Originally the were marketed by K-D Tools, boxes for sale in NAPA stores. They are sold as is, the indicator is in a sealed bag, the bases have some minor rust on the base and arm assembly. I ordered 2 of the sets, the first had 3 small rust spots, the second has only one, and took less than 5 minutes to clean up. A couple of good cheap indicators, are always handy to have in the shop. I thought someone might be interested.


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    Those holders are the rusty rebuilt ones.


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      Umm, yeah, they are.

      Seems like the long range indicator could make a good quill "ARO" but the base is awful small.


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        I bought one too. Some minor rust on one corner of the base and on the adjust knob. I did not like the base though - very weak magnetic power. At least compared to my other small bases of the same size.

        Indicator works good though. No rust on it.



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          Wonder if I could make those single bolt locking arms????
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