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  • coolant

    I just ordered a new Grizzle lathe and a grizzle mill.
    I have never had a machine with a coolant system.
    Was wondering what type coolant I should get. I have
    a farm but am retired, the machines are mostly for hobby
    and will not be used every day. I was thinking about smell

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    I cant help you in what coolant to use --- I dont use it! Really, this came up just recently and as with the several other times its been kicked around, the majority (by a pretty good bit!) of us home shoppers just dont "mess" (excuse the pun) with it.

    Being in a home shop you have the luxury of backing off on speed and/or feed if youre in a situation where youre getting heat. Most of us get by with dribble bottles with various lubes, maybe a squirt bottle, and the ever faithful little acid brush. Then there are the misting systems (ie:Koolmist) that will do some heavier cooling with little mess.
    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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      As a guy who makes money doing this and has a 9X20 in the shop, that we actually use on occasion. Skip it. I worked in a shop that some manual machines that didn't get used that often, and even the ones with coolant, it didn't get used. Two reasons, it made an absolute huge mess(and this was in a messy shop), and since it didn't ever get used, it really stunk(even the best stuff sitting for months on end will stink).

      The only thing we used any form of coolant in was the old horizontal, and that was straight cutting oil, at a low pressure, and it still made a mess.

      A mister is cheap and can keep you hauling in Al, and though I've never tried one, I've heard good things about the micro drop systems.

      I wouldn't worry about the smell, if cared for properly that shouldn't be a problem, but the mess. Hobby shoppin' it, you'll lose more time cleaning(and showering) than you made up for in machine time.

      Stick to the KISS principle. Because as we all know, making chips is fun, cleaning sucks.