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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Cushman 5" 3 jaw scroll chuck that I have just dissembled and am in the process of cleaning. On re-assembling, what lubrication does the multitude suggest? I have a container of CRC General Purpost Lithium grease. Would this be sufficient?

    Thanks all,

    Fred Lusen
    North Texas

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    I don't think there's any magic elixer; the general-purpose lithium grease ought to be fine. I think I used some molybdynm (which I probably spelled wrong) grease when I did my 3-jaw, but I doubt it matters much.

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      Whatever you lube the chuck with,it's a good idea to stand off to one side when you wind the lathe up to speed. Unless you don't mind wearing a raceing stripe. I used too light and too much oil once.


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        Hey George -

        don't feel alone - been there done that - you ought to see the nice stripe on by back board - the one I put up to protect the wall - he he !


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          Use a moly based grease - this works best with the high pressure the scroll experiences. You can use a regular grease if you want.